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Makeup for skin with acne

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Alohaaa! 😉

How are you?

A few weeks ago I wanted to write this post because I know that many of you have acne problems like me. Only those who suffer from it know how desperate it is to perform a thousand topical treatments and even orally and that they do not finish permanently.

My acne problems date back to 2004 or so and since then my skin has never been the same again. So in all these years I have tried a thousand and one things to be able to get rid of them. My problem is somewhat complicated because it is not a mild acne, but it is quite difficult and complicated, what I get are comedones: internal pimples that never come to the surface, end up leaving the skin full of red marks and they are also very painful. I hate you heavy internal pimples! XD

And after this introduction… let’s get started! As I have mentioned a few lines above, I have been experimenting for a long time to see if I found at least something that would control them. So I have been able to realize that at least in my case, the less fluid products I put on my skin, the better.

Is very IMPORTANT that you have a facial cleansing routine and that you be strict when it comes to complying with it. A little while ago I was talking about the products that are working best for me today, I think you may be interested, you can read it HERE

With this first point clear, we are going to touch on the issue of makeup. Obviously having my face as I have it, by no means when I go out I wear my skin without makeup. I have a lot of redness on the side of my face and some inflamed pimples. Does this sound like what I’m saying? hehe

I was able to verify that applying fluid makeup foundations, either moisturizing or any liquid texture that was not gel, my skin worsened by leaps and bounds. Imagine what a roll, with the whole Aishawari theme I have to abuse all this and it is obvious that I have my life and I have to put on makeup, so trying things, a few weeks ago I found something that I really like how it leaves my skin and it also makes my acne not worse. Well!

There are three products and I don’t need more: one to prepare, another to camouflage and the last to unify and give a good appearance to the face 🙂 Let’s see, what I’m going to show you is for daily, but that does not mean that if I ever have to take the skin with a little more coverage, go for fluid makeup bases (always oil-free).

How do I get my skin looking good and camouflage my nasty acne? Because I hate them, I don’t even like them with a tie ¬¬

one. I apply to prepare my skin and prevent the inflammation of pimples on “Sébium Global” from BIODERMA. It really is wonderful… You can find it in pharmacies and parapharmacies.


2. The next step would be to apply a high coverage concealer. You can use the pro longwear from MAC, although lately I’m giving a lot of use to the full cover of MAKEUP FOREVER. I recommend that you apply it by dabbing with a sponge, I use the beauty blender.


3. And finally, instead of applying a fluid product that will make our acne worse, I opt for any makeup but powder or compact. Shiseido has one that works very well, but I prefer the studio fixes of MAC They are oil-free and you get a very good coverage. Also, your skin looks radiant and beautiful. I like them so much that in the favorite of the month of May I teach them, you can see it HERE . Mine are in the NC45 tone, do not panic as the numbering of fluid bases to powder or compact changes a lot.


How do I put them? Very easy, I use the F25 brush of SIGMA, you can buy it HERE , I like it a lot because it is dense, with separate and long hairs. It also ends slightly in a point, it is perfect for areas such as dark circles.

I really like the result…. So if you try it, you will tell me 😉

I hope that today’s post has been useful to you.

Many kisses and see you tomorrow! ; ****

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