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Laser hair removal with Pelostop

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Hello girls! 😉

We continue with the week to the fullest! Don’t let the rhythm stop! 😛

Before starting with today’s post, don’t forget to review the one I did yesterday about a wonderful eye contour 😉 You can read it by clicking here 🙂


I really wanted to write today’s entry since it is a topic that you ask me about very often and I also think it may be interesting 😉 The million dollar question is: “Aisha, what hair removal method do you use?“Many of you let me know that you are not entirely clear what to use to avoid being hairy ladies; P

I hope that what I write today clears up doubts that hang around your head and above all makes you decide what you are going to do 😉

I put you a little in situation: I always used a razor to remove my hair, it was a bit of a drag because I had to wax every day. I felt like I was wasting my time. In addition, in areas such as the legs there were even the occasional black dot. Come on, you didn’t see a pretty and luminous skin. I started with pulsed light and I was using it for a long time, but it is true that there are areas or parts of the body in which I felt that I had stagnated. I understand that if you are spending the money, there must come a point that with a review a year, maximum two, you do not have to pass the blade.

The fact is that I got the opportunity to test the laser with Pelostop in Alicante a few weeks ago. So I’m going to tell in different posts here on my website what my impressions are and if they really get me to never touch a blade again 🙂

Pelostop Alicante

I had a first date in which Begoña, the person in charge of Pelostop Alicante, (which by the way this specific center is not a franchise and it was the first one that opened) I did a study to see what type of laser would be best for my skin type 😉 The truth is that it informed me great and solved some doubts what had 😉

Pelostop Alicante Aisha

I have to say that if you have gray, blonde or red hair, photoepilation is not going to be effective.

In the center they have two types of laser:

ALEXANDRITE: The machinery they use is “Candela” and from the information that Begoña could give me, this laser is for all skin types. With this type of laser, the sun cannot directly shine on you (you can go down the street in shorts, but not go to the beach and toast yourself. a week before and a week after.

DIODE: the machinery they use is “Vectus”. It is also for all skin types but more focused on those who are tanned. The diode should not be directly exposed to the sun three days before and three days after doing it. Something curious about this one in particular is that it has a melanin meter that you program the machine to adapt it to your skin color at that time so that the results are effective and you don’t burn yourself 😉 So yes, this is the one I’m doing and I can do it even in summer.

At the beginning the sessions are every 6 weeks or so and then they go on to 7-8 until you end up going once a year for touch-ups 😉

Diode laser

Pelostop diode laser

It is important that you use creams with SPF to protect the skin and avoid stains, so they give you some sachets of both aloe vera and protection so that you can apply them 😉


I’m doing my whole legs. I had the first session the week of May 18 and I have to go back in July for the second 😉 Half legs I had already done about four sessions with pulsed light but I still kept coming out of hair and from the knee up I had them undone, so Let’s see how things are going 😉


For the laser they do not use any conductive gel, just an oil to slide the machine better and easier. I was surprised how fast it is! In less than three-quarters of an hour he made me both legs complete.

Regarding the pain: from the knee down I felt punctures but bearable, but from the knee up the truth is that it hurt a lot although it was actually momentary, but it is true that I had to stop 😛 But come on, this sensation is subjective totally.

It is important that days after waxing you use aloe vera or similar so that the area stays hydrated 🙂

And for today I do not want to extend any more, but at the end of summer I will return with another post in which I will continue to tell you my impressions and more things 😉 In any case, to follow my process more closely, I encourage you to follow me through my social networks because when I go to the July session I will post a photo and I will tell you something safer.

How do you remove your hair? 😉

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A thousand Kisses!

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