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Get a perfect tan

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Hello girls! 🙂

It is already starting to get hot and it is that summer is just around the corner. Incredible, if it does nothing I was in a rural house at Christmas: O Well yes, time flies for better or for worse hehe. So for today I bring you a theme that I think may interest you. Did you know that you can get an even tan, healthily and quickly by eating fruits and vegetables? Which ones specifically? Read carefully 😉

Intake of beta carotenes Y vitamin CIt will make you get a beautiful golden tan and above all relatively quickly. As I mentioned recently through my social networks, I have been eating more vegetables than ever lately, so with three days (literally) that I went to the beach, I went totally black.

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* photo taken at the end of April this year

Where are beta carotenes present?

In red, orange, green and yellow fruits and vegetables.

Beta-carotenes stimulate the production of melanin, works as an anti-aging and protects the skin from the sun.

Before going to the beach or the pool you can make yourself an orange and carrot juice for example. This will make you tan faster. Also, as you will suppose, it is very healthy 🙂

Perfect tan

Carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and squash are a huge source of beta carotenes. And also, if they eat raw its effect will be greater 😉 So do not hesitate to make smoothies, purees, gazpacho… to the max! 😀

The vitamin C It has antioxidant properties, protects collagen and elastin fibers and helps to have a luminous skin among many other things.

Where is vitamin C present?

Vitamin C

Oranges, kiwis, strawberries and melons are a clear example. Take the opportunity to make smoothies. You can freeze some strawberries and then add them to your smoothie for a fresh touch. Take advantage of the fact that now the spring and summer fruit is very varied and rich to make millions of combinations! 🙂 Also try adding some spinach leaves, it will not alter the flavor and the properties it brings are brutal 😉



– Drink a lot of water

– Exfoliate your skin before sun exposure

– Take beta-carotene and vitamin C as I mentioned above a little while before sun exposure

– Hydrate your skin with after sun or similar, to prolong it


– Avoid the most critical and dangerous hours, which are usually from 12:00 to 16:00 in the afternoon

– Use creams with high sun protection (from 50 upwards), since you are going to get brown anyway. SPF indicates how long your skin is protected from the sun’s rays. Higher, longer 😉

– Cover your head with a scarf or hat

And little else 😉 Enjoy the sun but be careful hehe

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