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Favorite concealers

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Aloha girls! 😉

How was your weekend?

Last week I already told you about two products that I really liked for the topic of cover skin blemishes. So what I bring you for today are some recommendations for correctors for the dark circle area 😉

Before starting I wanted to put you a bit and tell you that I hardly have dark circles so I usually use moisturizing and medium coverage concealers since I have verified that the more “puffiness” I put in that area, the more folds I get … Nothing, it’s impossible to finish them: / They say that to avoid them it is very good to previously hydrate the area, not go over with the amount of concealer and finally seal it with powders, but neither with those, so if someone knows a trick, they can leave in comments 😀 Thank you!

Covering correctors

The concealer is an essential product for me since with a few touches it changes your look and face instantly, so it is important that you choose the one that is most suitable for you 😉 In addition, the ideal is that it is a little lighter than you skin tone.

For everyday use I generally lean towards the mineral concealer by MAC as it has medium coverage, is moisturizing and gives the area light. But if one day I want to work that area more, first I apply a pre-corrector to neutralize (in my case it is salmon-colored) a little and then a concealer a little more covering and with a creamier finish than normal. These two that I just mentioned are from Bobbi brown.

Bobbi Brown concealers

Step 1: Pre-corrector in tone “Bisque

Bisque Bobbi Brown

Step 2: Corrector in tone “Warm Beige

Step 3: Compact powder (right side of the scoop) in the shade “Pale Yellow

Warm beige concealer

One that I love but that is no longer manufactured, is the KIKO 3D lifting. It had a medium-high coverage and a hydrating formula that made it a 10 product from my point of view. Another that works well for medium coverage and very hydrating, is the select moisturecover from MAC , but in my case it takes out a lot of folds …

Some of the most covering concealers that I can recommend to me do not go well because they dry out my dark circles, but still here is the list:

– Radiant creamy concealer by NARS

– Select cover-up of MAC

– Pro longwear by MAC

– Full cover concealer MAKEUP FOREVER

– Double wear stay-in-place concealer SPF10 de ESTÉE LAUDER

So for those girls who write to me telling me that you have very marked dark circles, the first thing you have to do is sleep enough hours and then without a doubt you should choose to use a pre-corrector to neutralize the color of your dark circles and then a covering concealer that unify the area. You can look at signatures like MAC, Makeup Forever, Martora, Bobbi Brown …


– Sleep eight hours minimum

– Use a suitable eye contour to treat your dark circles

– Apply a pre-corrector as a previous step to the corrector, by tapping the product working well

– Do not put too much product or the result will be artificial and unnatural


¿What are your favorite concealers? 😉

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