Be careful if you receive this SMS from the Tax Agency: it is a scam

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1681833233 972904 1681833828 noticia normal.jpg

A few days ago the new Income campaign started by the Tax Agency. And the friends of others are taking advantage of the situation to try to defraud users with an SMS-type message that pretends to be the Treasury. Great care! As ESET, a top-level computer security company, has warned, with the start of the Income Statement campaign, cybercriminals have taken the opportunity to impersonate the Tax Agency, posing as the Treasury. To do this, they use a phishing-type attack, which consists of sending massive SMS with a link so that the user who clicks and accesses falls into their trap. This is how the new SMS scam works by pretending to be the Tax Agency As reported by ESET, these cybercriminals take advantage of deception to steal credentials and access your bank accounts to empty them, steal your personal information… As is usual in this type of scam, the Cybercriminals send an SMS message pretending to be the Tax Agency and informing the user that they have a tax return that they are going to return. To access the refund, they invite you to access a website that pretends to be the official Tax Agency, but if you look at small details you will see that it is a hoax. The problem is that, if a user accesses the web and does not know about the scam, they will follow the steps indicated and which consist of “our credit or debit card information to supposedly make this refund. With all the data collected, criminals could not only make online purchases using our card, but they could also duplicate it and withdraw cash from any ATM.” Come on, a full-blown danger. Also, the problem is that with your phone number and personal data, cybercriminals are capable of diverting bank verification SMS messages in order to rob you without your knowledge. In addition, researcher Daniel López has highlighted the fact that “these phishing campaigns are being carried out using pre-configured kits that can be easily obtained by criminals without much experience, using them through platforms such as Telegram.” Yes, kits can be purchased to try to rip off. A full-blown danger, especially with the constant data leaks that social networks like Twitter are experiencing and that expose our personal information that falls into the hands of cybercriminals. Hence, you get so many SMS scams. But, if you get the scam from the Tax Agency, you will not bite. >

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