Be careful if this icon appears on your Android Auto: You have probably done something you shouldn’t

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Android Auto allows us to connect and synchronize our phone with our vehicle and, immediately, be able to access a large number of added functionalities. However, as is the case with most operating systems: certain errors may arise from time to time that are best avoided. This is one of them.

If you are an Android Auto user, you will have noticed how the applications you have recently used remain registered at the bottom of your screen. Normally, these apps are usually occupied by the typical ones: a navigation app, music and something related to messages or phone calls. Which, together, are usually the four areas for which we interact with our mobile while we drive. In addition to some other specific ones that already depend on our specific user profile.

As you know, Android Auto syncs all your applications every time you connect to it. However, it may be the case, although it is not common, that you uninstall one of the applications that you have recently used before disconnecting your mobile from the vehicle. If you do, you will encounter an error that is not common and that, furthermore, is not dangerous: a icon with the classic Android icon in red. What does it mean?

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A reversible error

If you try to interact with this icon, you will quickly realize that it is not a good idea. The reason is that automatically the screen will remain black with the classic, characteristic message stating that an unexpected error has been detected and, immediately afterwards, you will have to return to the initial screen.

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As we have already mentioned previously, we have to meet various conditions for this error to occur. Among them, that we have used the application recently. And, furthermore, we have eliminated it without disconnecting the phone from Android Auto. Two variables that minimize the possibilities that our Android Auto can alert us to this situation and that we hardly have the possibility of suffering this type of anomaly with relative frequency. However, it is always good to know these types of things, just in case we encounter this situation and want to know the origin of the error.

Android Auto does not detect apps immediately

Although Android Auto is now in version 11, Although it is currently still in beta phase, and is becoming more stable and complete, it is important to keep in mind that this operating system is not yet capable of synchronizing and immediately recognizing the applications that we download to our device. Both systems, our vehicle and our smartphone, synchronize all the information every time they link. So if we perform any action by downloading or deleting an app while both elements are linked, we will have to wait for the disconnection, and subsequent connection, of both to be able to access all this data.

Therefore, if we have recently downloaded any navigation app that we want to use during a trip or any other outing that we have planned, it is recommended that we carry out the download in advance to carry out the synchronization. Otherwise, we would have to carry out the previously mentioned procedure to be able to try it on our next trip.

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