Barrage of deserved and undeserved criticism of Mundo Crypto after its event in Madrid

Where is the best place to store bitcoin?

All the national press was aware yesterday of the event of crypto world which managed to gather around 7,000 people in Madrid. The motto was “massive adoption of cryptocurrencies” and how could it be otherwise, the controversy was served since the Securities Market Commission announced that it would supervise the event so that no regulations were breached. From the inside we tell you how the gala unfolded and the technical problems that overshadowed an epic ending desired by the promoters.

Cryptocurrencies and massive event at the Wizink Center; a Molotov cocktail about to explode for regulators and authorities who feared that a scandal like the one in IM Academy, Arbistar, Nimbus and all that string of pyramid scams that are linked to cryptocurrencies but are actually older than teletext. Yesterday, Mundo Crypto dreamed of holding a massive event that would be seen all over the planet and that would be able to gather 7,000 people within a metaverse at the same time that they could attend keynote talks on decentralized economy and blockchain. The objective? Quite possibly to sell formations a posteriori or later launch a native token that would bring together all the projects that were presented there. A decentralized cryptocurrency media where journalists and articles can be rated by readers, a new prize-based training (if you finish you will receive your reward) and the main course, an immersive metaverse where you can learn about cryptocurrencies .

All against Mani Thawani and Mundo Crypto

Since the CNMV appeared on the scene warning that it would supervise the event, all the media began their particular hunt. The regulator feared that some financial product would be sold without permission and also the presence of sponsors classified as financial bars didn’t help at all. The reality is that no cryptocurrency purchase recommendation was offered at the event, nor did any token appear, but it was the perfect excuse for the media to start shooting mercilessly, causing a real hecatomb.

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Days before the celebration of the event they unsubscribed Jorge Fernandez and Cristina Pedroche as presenters. Quickly Mundo Crypto tried to find substitutes until the last moment it was not possible despite the fact that they probed and put a lot of money on the table to different professionals. No one wanted to be linked to an event signaled by the regulator. Finally, an influencer and a sports presenter who has just been fired from Movistar were the masters of ceremonies. Likewise, a multitude of sponsors dropped out of the event, first Coke and Playstationalso some companies related to cryptocurrencies such as Binance, the singer who had prepared and even two comedians. A few hours after the event, half of the rundown of Mundo Crypto was mortally wounded by the great pressure of the media and caused some improvisation.

Mani Thawani, founder and CEO of the company recognized that the pressure they were subjected to was beyond any limit. Through tears and with a broken voice, he thanked all the attendees for their trust and at least received the applause of the people who were gathered in the Madrid venue.

damn wifi

The highlight of the evening was to learn about the metaverse that Mundo Crypto is preparing and for this they spared no expense and 7,000 virtual reality glasses were available to all attendees. You had to introduce the mobile, enter a video of YouTube VR and enjoy. The reality is that WiFi and data collapsed and the famous video in the metaverse had to be projected in 2D on a giant screen that also pixelated the graphics. A pity because Mundo Crypto wanted to surprise the respectable and perhaps it was the most tense moment when there was hardly any applause and the press already had enough meat to burst the result of the event. It is also true that the company set very high expectations in the run-up to the gala and it was a video, not a metaverse where we could enter and interact.

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economics talks

The economists Pablo Gil, Juan Ramón Rallo and Daniel Lacalle offered the most interesting presentations and spoke about the economy and especially the risks of cryptos. They should have spent more time on stage instead of some talks in English that completely disconnected the respectable. Moments of fun were also lacking, since neither the draws nor the presence of Víctor Domínguez (wall street wolverine) managed to raise an audience that accumulated many hours in their seats. The controversial Youtuber did not leave the script either and dedicated himself to raffling ethereums, they were far away his proclamations in favor of cryptocurrencies nor his staunch defense of Cardano when it was at $3, a currency that today is worth less than 50 cents.

Thank you crypto world

For the first time a private company has managed to bring together 7,000 people in person and more than 3000 simultaneously on Youtube to hear about cryptocurrencies. The effort is noted and also the very strong financial outlay. A spectacular setting, gaming areas and immersive experiences inside the WiZink and two post-event parties where all the VIPs attended, including a server. After midnight and talking to its founder, Thawani he was pleased with the result, although he knew that they had failed in many ways. Perhaps for next year, the press will look at the event with different eyes, the CNMV will not appear on the scene and Thawani’s metaverse will be able to surprise.