Bank account, driving license and your entire life on your mobile: Europe launches its digital wallet

bank account driving license and your entire life on your.jpg
bank account driving license and your entire life on your.jpg

European Union

Europe continues to take steps to have a European digital identity that would be available to all EU citizens, residents and businesses through a European digital identity wallet.

This identification service, which will be valid at Community level, will require Member States to issue a digital wallet within the framework of a notified electronic identity system, in accordance with common technical standards and after mandatory certification.

Your entire life in the digital wallet

The Council of the European Union and the European Parliament have reached a provisional agreement on a new framework for a unique digital wallet European. This regulation aims to become universal access for people and companies to secure and reliable electronic identification and authentication.

European digital wallet

This European Digital Identity Regulation will take the form of digital wallets in which citizens will be able to link their national digital identities with certificates of their other personal attributes (for example, driving license, qualifications or bank account). Citizens will be able prove your identity and share electronic documents from their digital wallets by pressing a button on their mobile phone.

“With the approval of the European Digital Identity Regulation We are taking a fundamental step so that citizens can have a unique and secure European digital identity. “This is a key advance for the European Union to be a benchmark in the digital field, protecting our democratic rights and values.”declared Nadia Calviño, first vice president and acting minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain.

In essence, it would take the concept of the digital certificate, which we can use to identify ourselves in all types of public administrations, and elevate the concept to a European level. Thus, will avoid having to use private id methods nor unnecessarily share personal data. User control ensures that only information that needs to be shared is shared, the Council adds.

European Digital Identity

At the moment the project is advancing in phases, still pending the final vote, but from these first drafts we can already extract certain ideas about its operation and uses:

  • Electronic signatures: the wallet will be free, by default, for natural persons, but Member States may establish measures to ensure that free use is limited to non-professional purposes
  • Portfolio business model: the issuance, use and revocation will be free for all natural persons;
  • Validation of electronic declarations of attributes: Member States will establish free validation mechanisms solely to verify the authenticity and validity of the wallet and the identity of the user parties;
  • Wallet code: software components will be open source, but Member States are left with the necessary leeway so that, for justified reasons, specific components other than those installed on users’ devices cannot be disclosed;
  • Consistency between the portfolio as means of electronic identification and the underlying system under which it is issued.

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