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Bang & Olufsen launches a sound bar that will take your Smart TV to another level

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The company Bang & Olufsen It is famous for creating devices that are of excellent quality and that always bet on being different. And it has just announced a sound bar that does not disappoint considering the aforementioned. We talk about the Beosound Theater which, without a doubt, is designed to be the best that exists worldwide.

Without a doubt, we are talking about an accessory that is innovative in all sections that is located in the highest range of products -both in terms of power and definition of sound-. Therefore, it is a team that is designed to respond to those who are very demanding. In addition, one of its great virtues is that it is capable of carrying cinematic experience to the living room with a design that, as usual at Bang & Olufsen, is completely different.

Options that make this Bang & Olufsen bar different

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An example is the modularity that it offers, since this is a piece of equipment that can be used placed on the furniture in the living room; Hanged in the wall; and, if necessary, it fits perfectly with the televisions that currently exist on the market. In this way, it allows you to make the most of all the equipment you have at home without having to replace them (an example of what we say is that the Smart TV does not have a sound that is adequate to fully enjoy movies or series) .

Bang & Olufsen

Another thing that is important in the Beosound Theater is that it has a 7.1.4 surround soundso it ensures that you always get excellent definition (something it helps a lot with that it has support for Dolby Atmos). Besides, and this is very important, this model has a large number of output connections – no less than seven. This allows connect up to 16 additional speakers to achieve an experience in the living room of the house that you would never have thought possible.

Something especially noteworthy in this Bang & Olufsen product is the management of the serious performing. The model we are talking about use all speakers that it integrates for this -it is not limited to the subwoofer as is usual in other sound bars-. The result is unparalleled power and, in addition, resonance control so that distortions are not suffered no matter how high the volume is.

Bang & Olufsen

Price and finish of this sound bar

To make everything perfect, the new Bang & Olufsen sound bar is available in both a wood like cloth, so you can always find what best fits the environment you have in your living room. In what has to do with the price, if you want to get the Beosound Theater what you will have to pay are €6,490so it maintains the line that is usual in that company that is always differentiating.

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