Bad news if you are waiting for the release of Windows 12

A laptop with Windows 12 text on the screen

Microsoft seems not to be ready. Although there were previous sources that suggested that the launch of Windows 12 should occur in 2024, experts have commented in the last few hours that this year will not be available yet. Instead, a different plan is on the way.

The Windows 10 operating system was launched in 2015 and Windows 11 arrived in 2021. On the other hand, we are already ready for official support for version 10 to end in 2025, although there is a payment plan to extend it. If we do the math, Windows 12 will be released in 2024 It doesn’t seem so strange. However, it seems that is not going to be the case. Because?

Windows 11 will receive version 24H2

At least, in theory. Let us remember that this information comes from leaks and from industry experts who claim to have knowledge from Microsoft offices. But beyond that, nothing has been officially announced. That said, we can tell you that the most replicated rumor is the one that suggests that in 2024 what we will witness will be the launch of Windows 11 24H2.

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It will be a great new version, a major update that will bring important changes to the way we use the operating system. In addition, it will have a significant amount of new features that will be concentrated around artificial intelligence. AI, as you could have already imagined, will be the highlight of everything that is to come in Windows.

Setting the stage for AI

The launch of Windows 12 will be the confirmation of the Microsoft interest in AI. But, before that, they would have already prepared the way with the next version of Windows 11 so that both manufacturers and users can get used to it.

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This next version of Windows 11, 24H2, seems to be made available to all users around September 2024, so, until 2025, there will not be time for a hypothetical launch of Windows 12. The only thing that will arrive sooner will be early access to the update that, apparently, will be present in the first Surfaces that will be marketed as computers with AI. Its departure could mean the first contact with the new version of Windows, which, as we indicated, would then be available for the rest of the computers.

Presentation image of Copilot on its official website

There are rumors that this Windows 11 update will be so big and so different from version 23H2 of 2023, that it is possible that, in the end, Microsoft will decide to launch it under the name Windows 12. But It would be a delicate bet, especially at a time when the company is adjusting its work after one of the main people responsible for Windows, Panos Panay, changed his job in 2023 for a position at Amazon. On the other hand, if other rumors that suggest that Windows 12 could work under subscription are true, it is most likely that the company will want to wait until 2025.

It should also be noted that this next Windows 11 update will be one that will replace the entire installation of your operating system with the new version. This is a big difference from the 2023 update that was placed on top of the existing installation. But the 2024 version will be so massively different that it will require a new installation from scratch. For these reasons, there are also those who believe that Microsoft could take advantage of the situation to launch the update under the name Windows 12 and thus establish a new generation of its platform. However, as we say, it is unlikely to happen that way.

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What changes await us?

The most decisive thing is the entry into the scene of AI in a definitive way. Copilot and the rest of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence elements they will take center stage. They will be used for practically everything and will streamline day-to-day life using the operating system so that it is more comfortable and gives us possibilities that we have never had before. It will be, for example, interconnected with most Windows programs to facilitate all types of tasks.

The WiFi connection symbol in blue on a laptop screen

There will also be modifications to the interface to make setting up the device easier. The quick settings will be more dynamic and will have a paging system, while the File Explorer will give us more options, such as creating compressed files in 7zip and TAR formats. In addition, many other new features that we have already been talking about in recent times will be added, such as a button to refresh WiFi connection list. We will discover more about all of this as the launch of this supposedly great new version of Windows 11 gets closer.