Bad news for the future full transition to Apple Silicon

1641642063 m1 max portada.jpeg
1641642063 m1 max portada.jpeg

This year 2022 has to be the year that Apple completely bypasses Intel and focuses on Apple Silicon. It is assumed that with the launches of the new Macs, the existence of computers with competitive processors and computers will have ended. all models will enjoy M1 and Apple Silicon chips. However, a setback can jeopardize that the transition is as easy as you would like.

Key engineer at Apple Silicon joins Intel

Former Director of Mac Systems Architecture at Apple, Jeff Wilcox, has left the American company to take on a new role at Intel. Wilcox has been instrumental in Apple’s M1 team and played a very important role in the transition of Macs from Intel to the company’s own processors.

From the Tom’sHardware specialized medium, Wilcox was “previously Team Leader for Mac System Architecture, Signal Integrity and Power for Mac Systems. Led the transition for all Macs to Apple Silicon starting with the M1 chip, developing the SoC and the system architecture behind the T2 coprocessor before that. “

Wilcox announces his farewell as follows:

After eight incredible years, I have decided to leave Apple and look for another opportunity. It’s been an incredible journey and I couldn’t be more proud of everything we accomplished during my time there, culminating in Apple Silicon’s transition to the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max SOCs and systems. I will miss all my colleagues and friends at Apple very much, but I am looking forward to the next trip that will begin at the beginning of the year.

That moment has already come and from now on, Wilcox is the CTO of the Design Engineering Group at Intel. His job right now is to be the “Client Architecture soC team leader in Intel’s Design Engineering Group. Responsible for the architecture of all SoCs for all Intel customer segments ”.

This is not the first time that Wilcox has worked for Intel. We can say that he returns to what is his home, since he was previously working as a principal engineer in PC chipsets.

A great loss and that is sure to be noticed in the transition to Apple Silicon. But Apple is Apple, and much worse has come its way and it seems that it has always managed to get around.