“Baby Shark” is already the video with the most views on YouTube

video baby shark
video baby shark
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Video Baby Shark

The catchy chorus of the very popular children’s song has allowed him to become the first video in YouTube history to reach 10 billion views.

“Baby Shark” beats “Despacito” as the most viewed video on YouTube

In this ranking, it has far surpassed the previous most viewed video on YouTube, the “Despacito” by Luís Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, which “Baby Shark” surpassed in visits when in November 2020 the children’s song about the baby shark surpassed the 7,051 million views. Since then “Despacito” has plateaued in views while the children’s song continues to rack up views on YouTube.

“Baby Shark” is a children’s musical piece that comes from a subsidiary of Samsung, specifically a company that produces educational material, and its success has been so great after breaking into 2019 that it even increased the value of Samsung shares.

Given that the current population of the planet is 7,952 million inhabitants, and taking into account that only 4,100 million of them have access to the Internet, it is reasonable to conclude that many human beings have never heard (or seen) the song and others many will have contributed almost to exhaustion with that high number of 10,000 million reproductions.

In addition to the catchiness of its chorus, the fact that it is the video of a children’s song. On the one hand, children tend to reproduce repeatedly (and sometimes almost non-stop, to the occasional despair of their parents) those contents that they like a lot, with which viewings are multiplied.

On the other hand, hit songs like “Despacito” may succumb to musical fads and have a popularity run that is measured over many months or a few years, but popular children’s songs may continue to hold their popularity for subsequent generations of children. that the phenomenon of “Baby Shark” is very likely to set a viewing record that will be difficult to beat in a long time.