Avoid the most common scams this Black Friday 2022 | Detective TudoCelular

 Avoid the most common scams this Black Friday 2022 |  Detective TudoCelular

Update (11/22/2022) – RB

We are already in the week of Black Friday 2022 in Europe and in the world. In this year’s edition, the highlight is that the date takes place during the same period as the World Cup in Qatar, which made retailers anticipate many of the offers for that period.

Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until Friday, November 25th, to be aware of scams and fraud. Increasingly, cybersecurity has such relevance to keep data and devices safe.

To tell you how to avoid the most common frauds in this Black Friday edition, Detective TechSmart reinforces in this column some of the basic precautions that must be taken in order not to fall into traps in e-commerce. See below:

Research the site before buying

The presence of fake or malicious websites is one of the main threats to consumers in this period of promotions. Several indicators can signal a danger to Internet users.

One of them is the report of other netizens. Therefore, it is necessary to search the internet for reviews of those who may have already purchased from the virtual store. Sites such as Reclame Aqui are also able to provide a parameter as to whether the retailer is trustworthy.

Another important point is to check the presence of the HTTPS certificate – by the padlock next to the URL address, in the browser – and if there is an already known payment system on the store’s platform. This way, you can rest assured about deceptive tools that can steal your credit card details or passwords.

Beware of very low prices

In addition to checking the virtual store, information can be very relevant to find out if the site is a fraud. Many sites that scam consumers lure victims through false offers.

If you see a value much lower than the other market competitors in an unknown retailer, immediately suspect the integrity of the store. The risk to be taken may not be compensated by the “headache” to be caused later.

But don’t confuse it with the actions of many e-commerces celebrities who run temporary promotions and flash buy campaigns on social media. In these cases, it is guaranteed that there is no scam.

record all information

When closing a deal in the online environment, try to keep all the information about your purchase, such as the website, the price offered and the payment and receipt conditions. This can be done by photos from your cell phone or screenshots.

And here is a tip for face-to-face purchases as well: the consumer has the right to ask the seller to write down all guarantees and promises somewhere at the time of purchase. If the trader refuses to do so, the buyer himself can take pictures or record audio/video for records.

Exchanges and returns on Black Friday

Don’t think that just because a purchase is made on Black Friday that it can’t be canceled or exchanged, if you want to. In the specific case of online purchases, the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) guarantees customers seven consecutive days, from when the product is delivered, for repentance – regardless of whether there is a reason.

If there is a problem with the online store not respecting these rules or any other type of non-compliance with the legislation, the internet user can contact consumer protection agencies, such as Procon, the Public Prosecutor’s Office or regulatory agencies.

Still on internet purchases, the user can also file a complaint on the Consumidor.gov.br website, a tool developed by the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon), of the Ministry of Justice, designed to work with public bodies to guarantee policies of Consumer defense.

TechSmart unveils false offers

TechSmart has a tool to uncover all false offers during Black Friday and throughout the year. The site presents a chart that allows you to compare prices and find out which are the most affordable values ​​for your pocket and when the desired product is actually discounted.

With this resource, it is possible to know the fluctuations in value in recent months, with product updates every 15 minutes. To access complete information, just go to the device’s file and open the “Price” menu on the left side. The history is below all offers, as shown in the following screenshot:

During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, TechSmart also shows, in real time, the main offers in a bar located at the top of our pages. With it, it is possible to check what has the best price at the time of access, so as not to miss the promotion, as exemplified in the print below:

TechSmart has a real-time tool that shows the best prices from trusted stores across the country

You can also take the opportunity to check out our buying guides with trusted stores – already filtered by the site – in various product categories, such as those listed below:

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All guides and special promotions will be available in one special page dedicated to Black Friday🇧🇷 You can access it through this link.

Have you identified any fraud this Black Friday 2022 period? Tell us in the space below.

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