Avoid business calls: so you can have the Google phone tell you why they are calling

Verified Calls
avoid business calls: so you can have the google phone

With verified calls, the Google phone can not only tell you who is communicating with you, it also shows you on the screen why are they calling you if the company says so. These verified calls are already active in the app and can save you from more than one business hassle.

It has happened to all of us: suddenly the phone rings, we see that it is an unknown number and, after picking up to find out who it is and what it wants, we discover that it is a commercial company trying to make us change rates. Well then: now imagine that your phone displayed on the screen the “Mobile Rate Offer” message along with the number. What would save you the hassle of picking up the hook? Well, Google makes it possible.

Verified calls, a way to find out why they are calling

Verified Calls

This function that Google included in the phone app that many Android phones have was first released in the United States, then it was reaching other countries, including Spanish. If you have this application on your mobile, you probably have verified calls, a filter plugin antispam how well you are doing to avoid unwanted communications.

The idea behind the adjustment we mentioned is to display on screen the name of the company you are calling and the reason why you want to contact us. This allows us to dismiss the call at a glance if it is not of our interest since a simple glance is enough to know whether to pick up or not. Although yes, the company specifies the reasons for calling us it’s not mandatory; so it may be that, even if we activate verified calls, the mobile does not reflect the reasons.

Verified calls are not active by default (At first it was believed that yes), so it is convenient to turn on the switch. It is done as follows:

  • Open the Google phone app and click on the three menu points, on the top right.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to “Caller ID and spam“.
  • Activate “Verified Calls” and you’re done.
Verified Calls

As we said, the companies they are not required to specify a reason before calling the phone numbers, so surely no message will appear even if the company is displayed on the screen. It is to be expected that this will change little by little, especially in the field of teleshopping: knowing if they call us for an offer that we are not interested in would save a lot of time and headaches.