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AVM FRITZ! App Fon, MyFRITZ! App and FRITZ! App WLAN: A Look at Their Possibilities

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The FRITZ! App Fon, MyFRITZ! App and FRITZ! App WLAN application ecosystem represents an important added value from AVM, a company that, as our regular readers will know, takes great care of support and software updates on all its products, and also uses a single operating system, FRITZ! OS.

All those apps have full integration With the different AVM devices, they offer a wide range of features and are, moreover, totally free. To get hold of them, we just have to download them through the App Store or the Google Play Store, the iOS and Android application stores, and voila, we can start using them instantly.

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In this article, I want to share with you the most important and most interesting characteristics of each of these applications so that you are clear, from the beginning, all the value they offer, and everything they can do for you. Are you ready? Well here we go.



This application allows us to use our smartphone, or our tablet, as if they were a landline phone, and gives us the option of making calls using our Internet connection, or through the landline phone line.

It will also allow us review, manage and reproduce the messages we have on the answering machine, make calls with HD sound, access our FRITZ! Box contact book and call list from our smartphone or tablet and answer any call instantly.


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AVM’s MyFRITZ! App gives us the possibility to remotely access our FRITZ! Box router. We will be able to make real-time configurations and adjustments, view useful information, access the connected storage unit and manage all the key functions.

Interesting, right? Well, this is not all, with this application we can also check if we have received calls to the landline, check the answering machine and control home automation devices connected. So, for example, if we are going to be home late, we could turn on the lights remotely, the air conditioning or the heating.


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With this application we can also access our FRITZ! Box router, and view important information about our Internet connection, as well as the wireless networks around us, including the status of each one and the strength of the signal.

Through this application we can also link smartphones and tablets to our FRITZ! Box with great ease, carry out a complete evaluation of our Wi-Fi network, assess the degree of coverage offered in different rooms and easily share the connection with our friends or family.

Content offered by AVM FRITZ.

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