Avatars in WhatsApp: some of the functions they will have are already known

At the beginning of summer it became known that WhatsApp was working on the arrival of avatars in the application. There was not much more information about it, but this has changed, since information has been published that shows what these will look like and, in addition, the functions that can be carried out with them within the most used app in the world in what it has to do with messaging. The truth is that offering this possibility is an excellent idea, because it will allow users to create a virtual image of their appearance and use it in different sections of the application. Therefore, it is surely something that many end up using to be different and modern. The fact is that the company owned by Meta has in mind that the avatars are in many more places than you might think at first, which indicates the importance that this new option will have for WhatsApp (and, let’s not forget, that the Metaverse is vital to its parent company). A picture is worth a thousand words… This is exactly what has been published, and you can see what the design of the virtual creations will be like, which are quite similar to the ones Meta has shown to date -and this is not exactly a surprise. The fact is that the creation process will be carried out in the application itself, and there will be quite a few options for users to choose from, looking for the result to be as close to them as possible… or just the opposite. Everything aims to be quite simple and, at the same time, effective. In what has to do with the uses that WhatsApp avatars are expected to be given, these will initially be available in the form of stickers, to include them as reactions in conversations. This is something that was not expected, but it looks pretty good. In addition, the possibility of putting the corresponding image as the profile picture will not be long in coming, something that makes sense. Even from the source of the information it is indicated that it is more than possible that it will be possible to use this creation in video calls (but this will be something that will arrive in the future that does not seem close). It is in the testing phase on WhatsApp Well, it does not seem that the arrival of this new WhatsApp option is particularly close for everyone, but the truth is that the progress since before the summer is very clear. Therefore, and taking into account that this function is not activated in the trial version, the normal thing is that the avatars are one of the star novelties of the application for 2023. As a result, you have to have some patience so that the Metaverse get to the app we’re talking about. >