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Avatar: The Sense of Water, available digitally with more than 3 hours of extras

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The world of Avatar arrived with a new installment, El Camino del Agua (The sense of water in Spain), and, as expected, it has been a resounding box office success.

Now, fans will be able to enjoy the film from the comfort of their home, as it will be available in digital format over the next few days with more than 3 hours of additional content.

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The digital release of Avatar: The Way of Water

Although many fans expected the movie to premiere on Disney Plus, where the original movie is available, there is still no word on a release date on this platform. As Avatar is a franchise owned by Disney, the movie will most likely premiere on Disney Plus first before being licensed to other streaming services.

However, before that happens, fans will be able to enjoy the movie digitally on major online video platforms including Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, and Movies Anywhere. The film will be available to rent and buy online.

The extras of Avatar: The Way of Water

The digital version of Avatar: The Way of Water comes with over 3 hours of bonus content that offers an in-depth look into the world of Pandora and the process of making the movie. Some of the extras include a series of documentaries to meet the cast and production crew as they work to create new worlds and characters for the film. Documentaries include:

  • Building the World of Pandora: James Cameron and his team of artists work together to create the world of Pandora, from the new characters and creatures, to the underwater environments and the technological world of the GDR.
  • Capturing Pandora: James Cameron uses motion capture to bring the characters in the film to life, using infrared cameras to capture their movements and head cameras to capture the emotions on their faces.
  • The Underwater World of Pandora: Production designer Dylan Cole and his team create the sea creatures required for the film, while James Cameron and his team of stuntmen devise extraordinary means to bring these creatures to life in a motion capture tank.
  • The Challenges of the Waters of Pandora: James Cameron is challenged to capture movement above and below the surface of the water, using a wave machine and current generator to reproduce ocean conditions, and underwater vehicles to replicate the movement of the creatures.
  • Characters Returning to Pandora: James Cameron reunites with the original cast of the film, including Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang, to discuss the evolution of their characters in Avatar: The Waterway.
  • The Next Generation of Pandora: Meet the young talents joining the Avatar saga and follow their adventure in the creation of Avatar: El Camino del Agua.
  • Spider’s Web: James Cameron introduces the human character Spider to the world of Pandora, creating a series of technological challenges on set, as well as an incredible adventure for young actor Jack Champion.
  • Becoming Na’vi: The cast of Avatar immerse themselves in the culture of the indigenous Na’vi, living off the land in the Hawaiian rainforest and training in multiple disciplines to prepare for their roles.
  • Pandora Reef Town: In the style of James Cameron, the Metkayina reef tribe has been developed with great attention to detail, presenting unique evolutionary traits and culture, with new homes, clothing, and a different way of life all as a result. to live off the ocean.
  • Bringing Pandora to Life: Once James Cameron completes his virtual production process, each sequence is turned over to Wētā FX to bring Pandora to life, with unprecedented advances in CG facial performance, environments and water creation .
  • The RDA Returns to Pandora: Production designer Ben Procter and his team present an armada of new vehicles and human technologies that the RDA is bringing to Pandora, in conceptual design and practical builds.
  • The New Characters of Pandora: Meet the new important characters of the Avatar saga played by Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco, Brendan Cowell and Jemaine Clement.
  • The Sounds of Pandora: Hear how James Cameron worked with composer Simon Franglen to create the distinctive music for The Waterway, while also drawing from James Horner’s brilliant score for Avatar, and discover how Chris Boyes created the sounds Pandora immersive
  • New Zealand, the home of Pandora: Production on the Avatar sequels is so steeped in New Zealand that James Cameron calls The Waterway a “New Zealand film.” He listens to the reflections of the cast and production team, including the remarkable New Zealand team, on the making of the film.

In addition to the documentary series, the digital version of Avatar: El Camino del Agua includes more extras that highlight different aspects of the film’s production:

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  • Casting: Discover the screen tests that won the young talent their place in the film.
  • Stunts: The Avatar Stunt Team not only creates impressive action scenes, but also drives the story forward. From underwater races on ilus, to soaring through the skies on ikrans, to maneuvering on GDR speedboats, the stunt team leaves you breathless and begging for more.
  • The Lab: Explore the Lightstorm Lab, the backbone of the virtual production of the Avatar movies. Comprised of specialized teams, the lab builds and supports all aspects of production: environments, motion editing, Kabuki, sequencing, post-viz, and software development.
  • The Company: Avatar’s Company is the Swiss Army knife of acting, playing dozens of roles on set, in volume of motion capture and live action sets, bringing Na’vi clans and Recoms to life. from the GDR. They also perform Na’vi scale puppets in the live action sets.
  • Marketing Materials and Music Video: This section includes the music video “Nothing is Lost (You Give Me Strength)” by Grammy Award winner The Weeknd, as well as the two theatrical trailers used to promote the film.

A marvel to lose yourself for hours and hours.

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