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Automouse, to repeat mouse actions automatically

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Sometimes we have to do extremely repetitive mouse tasks. Open a tab, go to the third column, click on the button, click accept, open the tab again… like this hundreds and hundreds of times, with exactly the same movements with the mouse, something that could be automated without problems.

We are not just talking about how to cheat in games, we are talking about productivity, and that is where I have seen the application that they have just presented to us as interesting.

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Is about AutoMouseand performs two different types of actions:

Simulate mouse click, both the right and left buttons, making said click thousands of times per second if we wish. That is something rare on a day-to-day basis, so I suppose that in this case we are talking about cheating in games, such as those where the frequency of clicking is proportional to the speed of a race.

Performs automatic movement repetition and mouse clicks. This is where I see potential. We can do an action and let the program repeat it until we tell it to stop, at whatever speed we want.

The program is located at autoclose.net/automouse.html, and as always, I recommend using the Portable version, so as not to alter the Windows registry, and run it directly with the corresponding .exe.

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AutoMouse V1.0 is presented as a auto mouse click and logging software tool with the possibility of automating the actions of the mouse, from clicking automatically to registering the behavior of the cursor and reproducing it.

To use mouse movement replay, all we have to do is press the Record button and AutoMouse will start recording the behavior of the mouse during the process, which will be replicated later. Mouse inputs and cursor movements will be taken into account.

AutoMouse also supports hotkeys to make it easy to start Auto Clicker, choose when to record, and when to play.

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Once users complete the mouse behavior recording, they can choose to play it back immediately or save the records to an AMR file for playback next time.

We can summarize its functions in:

– Simulate mouse clicks at high speed.
– Record and replay mouse behavior.
– Save mouse behavior log to a file.
– Simulate mouse behavior in loop.
– Delay the start of mouse playback.
– Click the left and right mouse button.
– Hotkeys.
– Multilingual. The translation is quite bad, as you can see in the image above, but you can understand it from the icons.

A good tool that we hope will be used for noble purposes.

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