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Automatically download Apple Music Classical to your iPhone upon arrival

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Apple already confirmed the application that had been waiting for a long time, but Apple Music Classical finally arrived with more than 5 million songs, some relatively “new” to others considered “masterpieces”. Although the app has not yet been fully released until the end of March, it is available for pre-order from the App Store. Here you can learn how to get Apple Music Classical automatically on your iPhone when it becomes available.

Apple Music Classical arrives with different features and capabilities that seek to give the “ultimate classical experience” to all users.

Likewise, you will have the enjoyment of 5 million songs and even more than thousands of totally exclusive albums. The app also has detailed biographies about the composers, portraits created exclusively for the app, and more. The songs in the app will have a range of 192 kHz/24-bit Hi-Res Lossless and thousands of those songs also incorporate Spatial Audio.

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Among the most outstanding functions are the multiple search option. This can be carried out by composer, work, director or even the catalog number that allows you to find the exact theme. In addition, the company covered “complete and accurate metadata” that clearly indicates what and whose subject you are listening to.

Get the new Apple Music Classical app

  • First of all You will have to access the App Store and find Apple Music Classical in the browser from your iPhone.
  • Click on the blue Get button and then use the side button to accept the pre-order.
    • Remember that this new application is totally free, but you do need a subscription to Apple Music.
  • Apple Music Classical will automatically come to your iPhone once it is released on March 28, 2023.
  • You may also have the notifications option active so that one appears as soon as the app is available.
  • Below is an illustration of what the process looks like:


  • First and most important is the subscription to Apple Music, whether in its student, individual, Family or Apple One mode. However, the Apple Music voice plan is not accepted.
  • This app will be available around the world if it has the Apple Music service. The countries that still will not have the app are China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan. In addition, some benefits and contents could vary according to the country or region of the user.
  • It will be available for all iPhone models running iOS 15.4 onwards.
  • Finally, remember that if you want to play music in the app, internet access is required.

Apple Music Classical for the moment will be an exclusive app for iPhone, without having a version for iPad at the moment. It is expected that there will also be a version for Android in the future.

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