Automatically change iPhone orientation lock for some apps

orientation lock.jpg
orientation lock.jpg

In case you are a user who uses the lock orientation on your iPhone a lot for only some apps, then you will only have to read the instructions below to understand how to perform this option in iOS automatically.

iOS typically understands that some apps change slightly or significantly when you rotate iPhone from portrait to landscape orientation. Although there are some occasions where in your app and how you want to use it, some way may be useful even in situations that you don’t really want. Apple now allows you to use the Orientation Lock option from Control Center which is fairly acceptable.

Despite everything, some apps do benefit a lot from this function according to the Orientation Lock in a deactivated or active state such as YouTube or Photos, since turning the display to landscape allows you to see the full screen.

In case you need to keep the blocking active, now you will have a fairly acceptable facility, accessing only the Control Center when entering your applications that you need for a full screen experience or some other utility. D.Then you will only have to close the app and activate the orientation lock, although it depends on your utility and daily use.

Turn on orientation screen lock on iPhone

You will see below one of the most practical ways to automate the work that is to do this and that will make this process an unprecedented facility in specific apps, without having to go in and out of the Control Center.

Then you will only have to follow these steps as shown.

  • Access the Shortcuts app from your iPhone and then click on the automation tab.
  • Now click on the plus icon located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Then click on Create personal automation.
  • Swipe down and tap on the app. However, first make sure that the Is Open and Is Closed options are checked. Then just click on the blue Choose option.
  • Click on the apps you want to automate for example Youtube or others and only ends by clicking Done. Then Next and Add action.

  • Now in the following steps you will have to click on “Set orientation lock” in the search section and select the script once it appears in the results.
  • Tap next at the top right of the Actions screen.
  • Turn off the switch next to the Ask before running part and set the Don’t ask option in the confirmation message, then you’re all set and done.

This automation configuration will prevail in the Shortcuts section of the app and will be waiting to be activated once you access the app that you previously selected in this tutorial. TOIn addition, make sure that the Orientation Lock remains deactivated when entering the app as it can cause the opposite effect.