Automatic subtitles come to the free version of Zoom

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The automatic transcription function by which Zoom includes subtitles in video conferences It has just been released, making it available to users of the free version of the application. Until now it was only available to those users of the paid versions (Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video Webinars), who will continue to be able to enjoy it.

Automatic transcription adds subtitles to the interlocutor’s words in a video conference or virtual meeting

At the moment the subtitles that Zoom includes automatically appear only in English, but it is already announced that it will soon be expanded to more languages, for a total of 30 throughout the next year. There are even plans to add simultaneous voice translation to twelve languages ​​in the near future.

The automatic inclusion of subtitles allows remove language barrier When in a videoconference, webinar, seminar or virtual meeting there are participants of different nationalities and not all know the language, although in this case, and since it is only a transcription into English, it can also be very useful for those who have difficulty with the accent of the interlocutor or, due to various circumstances, they cannot activate the audio or it does not present the optimal quality.

By having subtitles, thanks to the automatic transcription, it will not be necessary to listen to the participants and instead it will be possible to follow the development of the videoconference, even if it is only in reading mode. Of course it is a great solution for those with hearing difficulties by offering them the text immediately and practically at the same time as the interlocutor speaks, instead of having to wait for subsequent transcription services.

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Available as one more option on the toolbar, only multi-account version users should ask their system administrator to enable the automatic transcription option in the settings menu.