Austrian Post opens branch in the Metaverse

In the Metaverse there is now the “Crypto Stamp HQ”. Austrian Post presented its new crypto stamp there.


The Austrian Post wants to know and relies on the Metaverse. There she opens a branch with the “Crypto stamp HG”, in which the Crypto Stamp 4.0 is presented. This digital stamp is a joint issue with Dutch Post. The Post makes a visit to the headquarters really tasty, where they tease that you can find out there which animal will adorn the fourth version of the Crypto Stamp. Spoiler: It’s not the unicorn in the press photo.


Another highlight is the tour that showcases the previous issues of the blockchain stamps. “We are pleased to be able to implement an actual use case in Austria with relatively simple means and to be a pioneer here,” says Manuela Bruck, Head of Corporate Communications at Austrian Post.

The broadcast goes on to say: “The exclusive destination is hosted on the decentralized platform Decentraland, a distribution infrastructure on the blockchain. Virtual properties exist in Decentraland as non-fungible tokens (NFT) and can be bought with the cryptocurrency MANA.” It is not known what the post office actually pays for its location.

The look on the press photos is reminiscent of the images from Mark Zuckerberg’s “Horizon Worlds” recently shown. However, they caused ridicule: The graphics were so remarkably bad that Zuckerberg sent a second picture afterwards and explained that the first picture was only intended to celebrate the start of the virtual worlds in France and Spain very quickly.

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(Image: Screenshot Facebook account Mark Zuckerberg)


Bruck from Österreichische Post also explains that their campaign is “contemporary as well as creative” and that the Metaverse is a place for “crypto experts and NFT trendsetters”. There is also a scavenger hunt in Decentraland. Helmets and skins for virtual avatars can be won as prizes. It starts on September 5th, so there is still plenty of time to prepare. Information on this will be available in good time on the website. The branch can also be visited by guests in the Metaverse or in the browser via Decentraland.

The Austrian Post already issued a “Crypto Stamp” in 2019. A postage stamp whose digital image is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. She got hold of it in the form of a check card, the right half of which was provided with a scratch-off surface with a code for the blockchain underneath. On the left a standard postage stamp to stick and send.