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Australia begins to distrust security cameras made in China

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Global concern about the use of electronic devices manufactured in China for the sake of security is growing, fearing the possibility that there may be cases of espionage towards the citizens of different countries.

Shortly after a study carried out by researchers at the University of Edinburgh revealed that mobile phones from major Chinese brands had firmware for devices sold in that market that leaked additional personal data to telemetry servers, we now know that Australia has made the decision to get rid of Chinese-made surveillance cameras from defense sites.

A rising concern

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These are cameras manufactured by Hikvision and Dahua, which now want to be withdrawn from the defense sites after having carried out an audit by the Australian government, finding more than 900 equipment manufactured by the aforementioned companies in more than 200 official buildings, in almost all departments, including also a unit in the defense department, according to the BBC.

In this way, the Australian government follows similar moves carried out last year by the UK and US governments in the interest of national security, fearing that the Chinese government could carry out espionage work by accessing such devices.

Richard Marles, Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister of the Australian Government, pointed out Thursday to the search and removal of the cameras from any defense location in which they are installed so that said facilities become “completely secure”.

And adds:

I don’t think we should exaggerate [la seriedad]… but it is something important that has caught our attention and we are going to fix it

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For his part, Attorney General Mark Dreyfus went so far as to point out that the Australian government will also review to determine the possible suitability of removing the cameras from other government sites.

In addition to national security, Senator Paterson points out that another reason why the Australian government should not support the use of devices from Hikvision and Dahua companies is for moral reasons, arguing that these companies are directly involved in alleged human rights abuses and mass surveillance of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

This situation may be reminiscent of the veto that other Chinese companies have had to face years ago, as is the case of Huawei with the installation of equipment for the deployment of 5G telephone networks in different parts of the world.

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More information: BBC

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