AuronPlay revealed how many users it takes to live from broadcasts on Twitch

AuronPlay revealed how many users it takes to live from broadcasts on Twitch
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Spanish streamer Auronplay indicates how many viewers you can live from broadcasting on Twitch. (Capture)

With the popularity of live streaming platforms like twitch, Youtube, Trovo, Facebook Gaming, among many others, the figure of the streamers and content creators increases their relevance as the large number of people who interact with them become windows to advertisers Y Business.

The monetization of Applications What twitch which also allows advertising breaks to be broadcast, creates an opportunity for the most prominent content creators to make a living from this activity and dedicate themselves to 100% to her thanks to the donations of her followers more faithful. However, for this to be possible it is also necessary for each streamer to have a constant base of people who see their live streams.

The streamer Spanish known as AuronPlay and one of the most viewed creators worldwide dedicated part of the time of one of his transmissions to share with your followers Related information about how many visitors on average a content creator needs to be able to live from live broadcasts on twitch.

According to Auron content creators don’t need to have thousands of visualizations in each transmission to live from this activity. “Do not think that to earn money in twitch are needed 80,000 people by stream. That is very rare, few people have that and they are the ones who earn the most”. He also pointed out that even a much smaller amount also generates considerable profit. “From 10,000 people in each streaming it’s good money. We are talking about a few thousand and thousands of euros”.

Actually, the Spaniard indicated that just by having 500 people watching every stream would be enough to live on. “There are people who twitch lives with 500 viewers. He does not live in the best possible way, but he gives them to live fairly. If you hit them with 500 imagine with 10,000 or 8,000″, he stated before returning to answer more questions from his audience.

Among the most popular streamers in the world

AuronPlay is currently one of the most popular platform content creators in the world and only in the first month of the 2023 accumulated more than 8 million hours views and a peak number of users of 195,431 according to the Streamscharts statistics platform.

Besides, the Web page from Twitch Tracker, which also collects data on the channels of content creators on the platform, indicates that currently Auronplay has achieved a total of 33,194 subscribers of payment that are active up to the present.

Auronplay ranks in the top 3 streamers on Twitch. (Capture)

Auronplay ranks in the top 3 streamers on Twitch. (Capture)

On the other hand, this content creator it also came to occupy the fourth place of the most watched streamers worldwide during the year 2022 with more than 1,107,000 hours of accumulated reproduction during the year, only below xQc (Canada), gaules (Brazil) and Ibai (Spain).

Streamer can earn more than $60,000 a month

At the end of the year 2022, the Streams Charts platform also indicated that the streamer with the most income from the platform generated by the payment of subscriptions is illojuan (up to $60,105), followed by Ibai (up to $57,597) and Auronplay (up to $56,693).

However, this figure can have considerable variations since no distinctions are made between the levels and prices of each one: Those that correspond to the level 1 they are worth 4.99 dollars, the Level 2 costs 9.99 dollars and those of level 3$24.99.

Top 3 Twitch streamers with the most monthly subscriber revenue. (Capture)

Top 3 Twitch streamers with the most monthly subscriber revenue. (Capture)

In addition, other features are also considered within the platformsuch as the local prices of the subscriptions, which consist of varying the payment made according to the geographic location of people. For example, a sub from Spain does not have the same price as another from Argentina, which increases the income range of the streamers and that is why exact information on the production of each creator is not provided.