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Aura, the 3-in-1 smart bulbs from SPC with color adjustment, white tone and intensity from the mobile

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SPC, the Spanish company of Smart technology, announces today in a press release the launch of its second generation of Aura smart bulbs, controlled from the smartphone.

It is about bulbs with WiFi connection and 3-in-1 technology because it allows you to change the lighting in three different ways: the colour, the shade of White, and the intensity of the light. So they adjust to any type of environment and are completely controllable and customizable from the mobile.

The Aura bulbs are also compatible with the virtual assistants Alexa and the Google Assistant, so they can be controlled by voice. We can say phrases like a smart speaker Alexa, turn off the lights, or put the light in relax mode. And even create our own rules with skills available.

Aura bulbs
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From the mobile, it is possible to change the colour, the tonality of the white, and the intensity of the light. There are also preset environments, and you can create your own by combining these settings.

You can too schedule hours for example so that the lights come on when you have to get up, or when it gets dark. And since they connect via WiFi you can control them from work or when you are on vacation, to scare off thieves.

These bulbs are compatible with all SPC Smart devices, with one of the largest catalogues in Europe, which includes alarms, plugs, webcams, fans, cleaning robots, and much more. Last week they also presented a new smartphone, the SPC Gen. All these home devices are controlled at the same time from a single app.

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This second generation of Aura bulbs It is available in three models: Aura 1500, Aura 800 and Aura 450, which refer to its light intensity, measured in lumens (1500, 800 and 450 lumens, respectively).

The first two use the classic 10W E27 socket, the one used in living room lights, rooms, etc. Conversely, Aura 450 has the 5.5W GU10 socket, thinner, used in lamps, bathroom or kitchen lights.

All of them have an RGB colour temperature of 2,700 to 6,500W, and they have an energy efficiency class A +. They have a useful life of 15,000 (Aura 450) to 25,000 hours (Aura 800 and Aura 1050), which means up to 15 light-years for an average of 4 hours a day.

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Aura 1050 is already available on its website at a price of € 19.90, although the packs of 2 and 3 bulbs are cheaper. Aura 800 and 450 will go on sale in May.

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