Aura Light, this is how vivo’s innovative Flash works

aura light asi es como funciona el innovador flash de vivo.jpg
aura light asi es como funciona el innovador flash de vivo.jpg

Vivo seeks to change the rules of the game when it comes to mobile photography and lighting, and what better example of that than the new vivo V29 5G, a device that we have had in our hands and has pleasantly surprised us with its revolutionary Aura Light flash. This brings intelligent color temperature adjustment to the table and is almost the equivalent of using a dedicated ring light.

Aura Light changes the rules of the game

For those who are not familiar with the vivo V29 5Gthis is a competent mid-range (almost high) mobile phone that stands out for being equipped with a ring light in the photographic module, which allows you to take quasi-professional quality photographs even in places where the lighting conditions are not optimal.

Going into details, this ring light has a diameter 15.6mm and it is much more than an ordinary flash, as it has the ability to illuminate naturally and adjust the color temperature to harmonize the face with the ambient light. As if that were not enough, it has a light emission area 9 times greater than that of a standard flash.

In this sense, the Intelligent temperature adjustment can change the color temperature from 1800K to 4500K automatically. As a result, the ambient atmosphere is harmonized with accurate and non-obtrusive colors for portraits.

Cool Color Temperature vs Warm Color Temperature

Cool Color Temperature vs Warm Color Temperature

It is worth mentioning that Aura Light provides a uniform lighting in 360° degrees, which eliminates facial shadows and dark areas in the photo. Additionally, it increases brightness by 36%, so it can make the subject look lighter in the shot.

Likewise, the engineering behind this creation is also interesting. In this order of ideas, the flash Aura Light has 4 LED lights embedded in its ring, two cold and two warm, thus forming a circle. Thanks to this design, the light is distributed evenly and a constant color temperature and brightness is achieved.

With Aura Light vs standard Flash

Aura Light vs Standard Flash

Additionally, the power of each LED is controlled individually to achieve a automatic adjustment between 23 color temperature levels. The benefits of the latter are in a perfect transition between different temperature levels.

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