Augmented reality and its applications

The world of augmented reality is in full swing. Projects and innovations are multiplying and becoming strategic for manufacturers. The largest high-tech companies have even seized on the phenomenon. The objective: to bring the virtual world into our daily lives using connected objects such as Google Glass For example.

In the film Terminator II , the cyborg T1000 from the future and played by Arnold Schwarzenegger saw information superimposed on the real world around him. Director James Cameron thus gave a foretaste of an application that has now become a reality in many sectors. Some projects have been pioneers in augmented reality. This is the case, for example, of lentils by Babak Parviz, who later led the development of the Google Glass project.

Augmented reality: professional purposes

Augmented reality superimposes an image on the user’s vision of their environment. The professional world uses this technology in many areas such as industry, medicine, leisure, etc. Augmented reality allows access to data adapted to the situation through simple and intuitive means of interaction. It should also be noted that in addition to sight, this technology can be applied to other senses such as hearing and touch.

Augmented reality today

In this file, we will discuss augmented reality in different areas. Today, for example, this principle is used in medicine to support surgeons during operations. Augmented reality is also present in the field of defense , in the theater of military operations. It could make our lives easier by allowing us to manipulate 3D images and even help us drive more carefully… These innovations in augmented reality could well disrupt our daily lives.

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