Audible can now be listened to on Apple Watch without having to take the iPhone with you


Audible is one of the leading audio distribution platforms, well known for audiobooks, available on various platforms including Apple smartwatches.

The Audible app for Apple Watch until now was quite limited, but with the new update it offers us the possibility of listening to the content from the watch without using the mobile.

One of the main functions of the new version of Audible for Apple Watch is the option to listen to and download the audio catalog to the watch, without the need to synchronize the phone. We can perform the downloads in the background to be able to listen from the watch later without connection.

In addition to offering audio without a phone and being able to listen directly from an Apple Watch, without the need to be connected to an iPhone, it offers options such as exclusive transmission in the settings or control of the speed of the narration.

We can also perform synchronization between devices, so that if we start listening to a book from the mobile, we can resume the audio from the clock without problems, without having to start over or find the moment in which we left off.

This is undoubtedly excellent news that affects a growing subset of the population, podcast and audiobook lovers and those who prefer to go without a phone but don’t say no to a good smartwatch. Let’s hope that little by little it will reach all existing operating systems on our smart watches.

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