Auctioneers are investigating an Irish language letter sold for over € 5,000

An audit carried out by on the story of a letter from Patrick Pearse shows that it contains much more than one copy

Auctioneers are investigating an Irish language letter sold for over € 5,000

Auctioneers in Dublin are investigating the investigation by into an Irish language letter which was recently auctioned for over € 5,000.’s investigation into the case of Patrick Pearse’s letter shows that it contains much more than one copy.

In August, Dublin – based auctioneer Adam ‘s sold an Irish handwritten letter by Patrick Pearse for € 5,500, which was clearly thought to be an original.

It was stated during the sale of the letter that Pearse had sent it to the storyteller from Mayo, Micheál Mac Ruaidhrí, but later confirmed that this information was inaccurate.

The letter was addressed to Colm Ó Gaora, an author and republican from Ros Muc in Connemara. continued its audit and found that a number of other copies of the letter were available and that one was in the possession of the Cork Public Museum and one in the Pearse Museum in Dublin.

The Curator of the Pearse Museum in Dublin told that they had the same copy of the letter in their possession and that he had also seen other copies of the letter before.

The Curator of the Cork Public Museum, Daniel Breen, confirmed that a copy of the letter was in the museum “of a higher standard than the copy sold at auction”.

Breen analyzed the two letters, both his own and the one sold at auction, and is of the opinion that both letters are a copy.

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“The handwriting, the type of writing and the appearance of the lines on the letter indicate that both letters are copies.

“I don’t see any difference at all between the two letters, other than that our version is of a much higher standard than the one sold at auction. My view is that they are copies of Pearse’s handwritten letter. ”

The Curator at the Pearse Museum in Dublin, Brian Crowley, confirmed to that they also had a copy of the letter.

Crowley said he himself believed they were in the original of the letter until he researched the matter.

He said he had also seen another copy of the letter and that the copies were “very similar to the original”. Brian Cowley thinks that it is out of copies of Coilm Uí Ghaora ‘s book Mise the copies of the letter arrived.

The first edition contained a copy of Pearse ‘s letter Mise.

“Many members of the public gave me another copy many years later. They are very good copies. This story is a reflection of the high quality of the copy in Ó Ghaora’s book, ”said Brian Crowley.

The letter in the book ‘Mise’ by Colm Ó Gaora on the left and, on the right, the copy sold at auction

When Adam’s screened the results of the audit, they said they intended to investigate the matter. They hope to screen the letter itself in the coming weeks.

Pearse’s letter acknowledges that he had received a story from Coilm Uí Ghaora ‘Scolb Glas Mac Rí in Éireann’ and that it would be published in The Sword of Light “As soon as I have a place for it”.

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It is believed that the author and scholar Seámus Ó Buachalla was the first to understand the story of the copies of Uí Ghaora’s letter.

In the footnotes of his books The Letters of PHPearse, Ó Buachalla refers to a “holograph copy” of the letter published in the first edition Mise.

“Ó Gaora related the incident in his autobiography”Mise“, In the first edition of which he published a holograph copy of this letter. The multiple copies of the letter and their dispersal over time were responsible for confusion as to the identity of the recipient, ”written in that book.