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Attention developers and users! Apple announces significant changes to App Store prices in the UK and other countries

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Last Friday Apple reported that the prices of content in the App Store will soon change in different countries such as Colombia, South Africa and the United Kingdom, among others. These price changes, in case you expected them to decrease, many will mostly increase for App Store applications and in-app purchases from the month of February.

App Store prices increase in different countries

According to data from a new note that the developers received, new App Store prices are integrated will see a considerable increase. The countries affected mainly will be Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Similarly, a few prices will drop in Uzbekistan as there will be a reduction in a local tax.

Added to this, the Cupertino company integrates that although some prices will drop multiple other costs will remain in Luxembourg, Singapore and Zimbabwe, adjusting for the following month.

  • For Ireland the reduction according to the value added tax for newspapers and electronic periodicals will be from 9% to 0%.
  • As for Luxembourg there will be a reduction according to the value added tax that goes from 17% to 16%.
  • In Singapore there will be an increase according to the tax on goods and services ranging from 7% to 8%.
  • Regarding Zimbabwe, the increase will be in the value added tax, which will go from 14.5% to 15%.
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There will clearly be an increase in prices for local developers distributing from Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Tajikistan, Thailand AND Uzbekistan. For the month of October, the company increased the prices of the App Store quite a bit. Especially in countries like Japan, South Korea and some other countries in Europe. Therefore, Apple comments that multiple prices from the App Store must be updated “periodically” with respect to the different variants of taxes and exchange rates. They also add some other techniques like ads to adjust the revenue.

The company indicates that there are regular price updates in the App Store for different parts of the world. This is due to tax and exchange rate adjustments. The price leveling is based on public information from different sources in order to keep the prices of apps and purchases fairly even around the world.

These changes will arrive by February 13, 2023. The official site of Apple cIt has the entire description of countries with price changes.

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