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At last you will not get lost in the Chrome tabs thanks to its new update

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Surely on more than one occasion you have had a large number of tabs open in the Chrome browser. This is very useful in front of the windows, but it can be a real chaos when it comes to finding something that you know you have open… but you don’t know where. Well, Google has released an update that comes to solve this. To be able to enjoy the addition, you must use version 108 of Chrome. If this is not the case, the function we are talking about will not be functional. Therefore, it is essential that you proceed with a Google browser update to achieve this (generally this is executed automatically, but it may be that you still do not have the iteration that we have indicated before). The place where you will find the option to do this is in the Help section of the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the icon with three vertical dots in the upper right area of ​​the interface. What the Chrome update offers Well, it allows you to use a new tool in the search bar that makes it possible to quickly find tabs, something in the history and even bookmarks. And the way in which Google has decided to execute it is very simple: writing the at sign (@) in this place. So, for example, if you want to find a tab, what you have to do is type the following: @tab. It’s that simple… but this may seem somewhat imprecise. But it really is not. The reason is that once you have entered the previous text you can write after a space, something that helps to filter. For example, if you have the mail open, you can put Gmail or, failing that, if you are watching a Twitch live, include this (even if the content of what you see is something important, you can use it). A clear example: @Gmail tab. This will make you directly access the tab in question instead of having to search among all the ones that are open. An excellent idea and, in addition, and easy to use. Another novelty that is also useful This one is called Shortcuts, and it is an effort to save time in the use of the Chrome browser. With this new possibility, you can search the pages themselves to find content that catches your eye. This is something that can be useful if you access certain websites on a regular basis and do not want to see the same content regularly. To activate this option, you must enter the address chrome://settings/searchEngines and, there, set the usage options that best suit your needs. >

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