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At buymeacoffee we can now ask for more than donations from our readers and followers

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If you have a decent community of followers, or a lot of friends who can help you get something done with micropayments, there’s good news for you, and it comes from buymeacoffee.

What is Buymeacoffee?

Buymeacoffee is a website where any editor, influencer, youtuber… in short, anyone, can request a donation in exchange for their project.

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There are people who offer their book for free in exchange for “a coffee” (a donation with voluntary value), or STL files for printing, or images… anything can be offered in exchange for “a coffee”.

In fact, here you have our buymeacoffee page, in case someone wants to buy me a coffee one of these days.

New from Buymeacoffee

The fact is that buymeacoffee has opened its doors to another type of project. The profile can ask for more than a donation, it can ask collaboration to finance a project.

A designer who needs a new computer to continue offering content to his followers, or a youtuber who needs a decent microphone, can target it and publish it on his buymeacoffee page, so that his followers help him buy it.

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This function is called Wishlistand is available in the left menu of your buymeacoffee account.


Once an item is created on the wish list, we can share the link so that other people can help by making their donations. In this case you can see it here.

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As you can see, it is easy to create it, even adding an image, although it will be necessary for there to be a significant community of followers for something like this to be successful, as is the case with all donation pages or crowdfunding.

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