Asus Zenfone 10 (4300mAh): live battery starting at 8:00

asus zenfone 10 (4300mah): live battery starting at 8:00
asus zenfone 10 (4300mah): live battery starting at 8:00


After reviewing it and waiting for the new update which should bring important photographic innovations, especially in the HDR quality, today we want to start the day with our live battery test, a format that we invented several years ago and that we propose to you for some products that we consider particularly interesting or curious.

Zenfone 10 with its 4300mAh and its small size is a product that attracts many enthusiasts and despite the similarities with Zenfone 9, it could be a choice for many users looking for a powerful, complete and pocket smartphone. As always, our autonomy test on Zenfone 10 is done after so many days of using the product, with 5 email accounts configured, all the main messaging and social applications and with the always active synchronization of everything you could imagine.

Today will be a very special day as I’m going to Gardaland (info here) and therefore will use the smartphone both as a navigator for some time and under the sun all day with maximum brightness.

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