ASUS ROG Ally: New firmware boosts performance by up to 20% with 15W TDP

ASUS ROG Ally: New firmware boosts performance by up to 20% with 15W TDP
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the portable console ROG Ally from the ASUS received a new update from firmware which may interest anyone who wants to save more battery life. This is because the update brings device performance improvements with lower TDP values, but also with improvements in higher values ​​as well.

According to the video published by the channel dave2dthe device performed less than that of the Steam Deck when running games at 9W and 15W. So, the user who wanted better performance would have to increase it to 25W in order not to suffer from problems. Now, the scenario has changed considerably for the device from ASUS.

In general, the improvement was around 20%, generating a good performance increase at 9W and 15W. To illustrate the situation, graphs were made available that show how the ROG Ally was and is performing compared to the AYANEO 2S and the Steam Deck itself:

As you can see, the ASUS model even tied and even surpassed the Valve device in some games. In addition, the AYANEO device ended up standing out a lot during the test, with numbers that surpassed all its competitors in some situations.

In any case, the manufacturer has not yet revealed how the base version of the ROG Ally is performing, which is expected to launch in the third quarter of the year. The variant with Ryzen Z1 Extreme, finally, will be available on the market from June 13th and prices have already been revealed.

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