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ASUS AI Overclocking, AI Cooling and AI Networking: what are they and what do they do?

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asus AI Overclocking, AI Cooling and AI Networking algorithms have made gaming PC optimization accessible to everyone. Let’s find out what they are for.

special ASUS AI Overclocking, AI Cooling and AI Networking: what are they and what do they do?

PC Gaming has always been a universe dominated by so-called “geeks”: legendary beings capable of giving life to shapeless masses of silicon and then controlling their voltages, frequencies and consumption. Over the years, however, hardware manufacturers have made huge strides in terms of simplification, making this microcosm more accessible even to less experienced users. This new level of accessibility is felt in two ways: on the one hand the practice of assembly, that is, the procedure that allows you to mount the individual components of a PC, it has become extremely simpler and with a little internet research it can be completed by almost all users.

On the other, the configuration of the components, which required time and above all a detailed map of that labyrinth called bios, is today managed almost completely by the system itself completely automatically. In short, conquering the title of “Master Race” in 2020 is a goal within the reach of a wide range of users.

The new era of overclocking

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Once the entry threshold was lowered, the evolution of gaming hardware went further. Arcane practices such as overclocking and tweaking, arts reserved for the wisest of scholars, have become common use for almost all PC users and this thanks to the advancement of the design of the various components, accompanied by the support of more and more software intelligent.

For the uninitiated, the overclocking it is the procedure by which certain hardware is pushed beyond the performance guaranteed by the manufacturer, raising the factory frequencies and checking the voltages with an eye to the temperatures. The tweaking instead it allows improving the general performance of the system through the application of some tricks that simplify the communication between the components and between the components and the drivers.

Getting satisfactory results until a few years ago would have required above-average computer knowledge and a lot of experience (also based on some burnt motherboard). Today, however, software and artificial intelligence allow you to improve the performance of your PC in complete safety.

ASUS AI Suite: power and simplification

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Among the companies that have worked in this direction, there is ASUS, one of the largest manufacturers on the gaming hardware market. Asus motherboards, like the new Z490 for Intel processors or the just-announced Strix B550 for Ryzen, in fact, support technologies AI Overclocking, AI Cooling is AI Networkingrespectively dedicated to frequency control, temperature management and network optimization.

All parameters are easily accessible directly from Windows through the software AI Suite 3 or through the UEFI bios with an integrated and scalable interface according to the user level. ASUS AI Overclocking is an intelligent utility that helps players get the most out of their configurations through automatic profiling of the CPU and cooling system that allows you to predict the optimal voltage and the right frequency based on your needs. The algorithm developed by the engineers of the ROG division, through the Dual Intelligent Processor 5, monitors workloads, temperatures, fan speeds and consumption to intervene with small adjustments in real-time, so as to provide optimal performance at all times.

ASUS AI Cooling manages, in particular, the fans controlled by the motherboard through a proprietary algorithm that calculates the lowest possible speed to actually cool the system, so as to maintain high performance by virtue of reduced noise to a minimum.

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The software Fan Xpert 4, reachable directly from the AI ​​Suite, once activated it monitors in real-time temperatures and workloads replacing any type of manual setting. Finally, there is ASUS AI Networking, which through the utility ROG GameFirst VI optimize network management to get the best performance in online gaming. In this case, the algorithm analyzes network usage patterns and compares them with a regularly updated database of over 200,000 applications.

The software automatically decides the priorities and adjusts the bandwidth to provide adequate network performance for a given use, whether it is online gaming or watching video content. All data can be controlled through an intuitive and updated interface in real-time.

In short, all the optimizations once reserved for the most experts today can be managed with good results by a simple software.

The ASUS suite can also become a precious ally for those who prefer manual settings thanks to the constant control of the parameters by the software which can, therefore, be changed in complete safety. Increasing the CPU clock frequency, adjusting the fans and cooling and addressing network data has never been easier than it is now.

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