Assassin’s Creed: Ubisoft brings details on Mirage, VR and game for Android and iOS

Assassin's Creed: Ubisoft brings details on Mirage, VR and game for Android and iOS
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Taking advantage of the period of North American summer events in the video game industry, Ubisoft decided to carry out a new edition of its traditional Forward, which brought a series of news about the games that will be released by the developer in the future.

As expected, the Assassin’s Creed franchise was one of the highlights of the presentation, even more so after the multiple announcements made last year.

In addition to the upcoming Mirage, TechSmart also had access to details about the franchise’s VR title, as well as the project developed for cell phones. Check it out below:

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage

Centered in Baghdad, capital of the Abbasid Empire, our journey stars Basim, a street thief who ends up being taken in by the order of assassins to become a Hidden One, but despite thinking he has finally found purpose in his life, working in the shadows to serve the light, he ends up being haunted by terrifying nightmares, which leave him even more confused.

Armed with his hidden blade and dagger, Basim has a host of other tools to sneak up on his enemies or flee without a trace. Smoke bombs, sleep darts, or knives that can be thrown from a distance are among some of these tools. In total, the assassin has five types of equipment, each of which can be improved along the journey.

  • Standard Edition – $50 on all platforms
  • Deluxe Edition – $60
  • Those who pre-order will have access to an exclusive adventure inspired by the legend of Alibaba and the 40 Thieves (The Forty Thieves).
  • October 12th, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Plus.
Assassin’s Creed Nexus – VR

In this exclusive adventure for Meta Quest 2, you’ll feel like the killer for the first time, which means that all the action you know in the franchise games can now be performed by yourself in real time.

In addition to being the first VR game, it’s also the first first-person game in the franchise, and it lets you play as three different assassins.

Here’s an all-new adventure featuring beloved characters like Kassandra, Connor and Ezio, in a single player adventure that connects.

In the game, Abstergo plans to use all the historical knowledge it has gained over the years to subvert events. Though they have the Animus to read genetic memories, they need lost technology to make their plans a reality.

Our three heroes have had contact with this technology throughout their journeys, and it remains for Abstergo to find out where and when it happened.

Players must go undercover and infiltrate Abstergo to use the Animus and relive these moments in the lives of assassins to try to stop the company’s plans.

In the gameplay part, players will be able to climb and perform parkour maneuvers wherever they want. This gives players the freedom to choose how they accomplish their objectives, whether it’s sneaking up on guards, climbing into a building, or decimating their enemies with brute force.

Using gestures like flicking your wrist to expose the Hidden Blade, or pulling your ax from your waist or the bow from your back, players should really get into the shoes of the assassins.

Assassin’s Creed Condemn Jade – Mobile

In the title published by Level Infinite, known for titles like PUBG Mobile, we will be taken to a plot built in the Unreal Engine, which addresses a conspiracy in the heart of ancient China, in a story that takes place between the events of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Origins.

The title takes place during the third century BC, just after the Warring States period. It was during this period that the Qin Dynasty unified China and secured trade routes to the West. The King of Qin conquered all other kingdoms to unite China into a single dynasty. He secured the borders, initiated the building of the Great Wall, and ushered in an era of trade and cultural exchange between East and West.

His journey begins with a young disciple training in the art of assassination, who is also discovering the mysteries of the Qin Dynasty, while fighting powerful enemies.

Under the command of a master familiar to fans of the franchise, you’ll learn the Doctrines of the Xia as you set out on your journey of revenge using your skills to
punish injustice and help those in need.

For the first time, it will be possible to customize the appearance of your assassin and make it the way you want.

In this open-world adventure, players will be able to freely explore the landscapes of ancient China, ranging from the Great Wall to the imperial capital of Xianyang.

Pre-registration for the public beta test phase opened this week and you can sign up via this link.

So, what did you think of the news about the Assassin’s Creed franchise?

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