Are we closer to not being able to share our Netflix accounts?

Are we closer to not being able to share our Netflix accounts?
are we closer to not being able to share our

It is an old ditty that is repeated year after year in a practically identical way, and that comes to remind us that Netflix is ​​not happy that millions of people around the world share their accounts so that instead of having four subscriptions, only one actually materializes. Gone are those launch campaigns begging us to do it to viralize their content and engage as many users as possible.

The way that Netflix knows that we share our accounts is as simple as verifying where we connect from: whether from a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer or a Smart TV and, of course, diving into the location of this device, which gives them an idea of ​​​​if we are facing a normal use of our account anywhere to which we can go or if it is a fixed location that does not correspond to the owner’s address.

Will they close the tap in 2022?

The fact is that some Italian users have reported again in these first days of the year how Netflix reminds them, through a message on their televisions, that are not using the account from the address of the subscription holder, which is why it urges them to contract their own plan to which they add a trial period of a whole month (and which currently does not exist for new registrations). As you can see in the photo that you have just below and that belongs to other waves of warnings from North Americans to their users.

Netflix notice not to share accounts. ADSL Zone

The specific message that appears is that “if you do not live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to continue viewing the content”, in what has all the earmarks of being a clear notice to avoid this practice which, obviously, subtracts Netflix’s share of business worldwide. In any case, with a message like this it is not certain that they are going to get much, so they are also supported by a measure that can be quite annoying if it is generalized: the request to verify that we are the owners by sending a code by mail that later we must enter in the application.

Netflix has been giving notices for two years and this new wave could indicate that 2022 is the chosen year to hack and force everyone who shares accounts to subscribe separately. We’ll see if it happens or not, but each day that passes is one less day that brings us closer to that final outcome.