Are they spying on us from our mobile phone or smart speaker? A new report says yes

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are they spying on us from our mobile phone or.jpg

Professional listens and works on the computer at the same time

The eternal debate about whether our technological devices spy on us is open again. A recently published report has added fuel to the fire and made some worrying claims. But are they really spying on us or are there many conspiracy lovers who have nothing else to do but dream about the return of the days of the telephone booth?

Let’s start at the beginning because this is all quite complex. A few days ago, a marketing company known as Cox Media Group published a series of texts on its website in which it talked about active listening technology. They presented it in an informative way, like the typical agency post in which they tell you how to generate a successful marketing campaign. But, with their post, they were making some claims that shocked the world. They have already deleted the posts, but the “damage” has been done.

Fanning the fire of conspiracy

It must be said that what was published by the agency It was quite bizarre. It could have been the result of some intern proposing a futuristic hyperreality of how they dream of things to be, but there was too much concrete information. In the text, for example, reference was made to the existence of a world in which users’ murmurs could be used by brands to send them advertising messages that could hit the nail on the head.

A spy peeking through the blind to look



At first, they presented it with a touch of fiction, with that type of hackneyed comment like “imagine a world…”. But then they turned the tables and said that all this is something that can be achieved with active listening technology. And they finished off the idea by mentioning things like “our technology is at the forefront in terms of voice data processing.” To make it more complicatedrecognized that “We can identify customers based on casual conversations in real time.”

The truth is that the text is not wasted and includes other gems that made it more difficult to reach a verdict on the point we are at regarding this type of listening technology. They assure that “It’s not black magic, it’s AI«. And they also comment that they have the ability to enable their clients to maximize the impact of their campaigns by sending them just at the times when users are most inclined to make a purchase. And not only that, but they mentioned that “our technology detects relevant conversations through Smart televisions, mobile phones and other devices.”

Is all this real?

As we said, it was not an intern who wrote the text, at least not theoretically. The signature that accompanied it was that of Vice President of Digital Strategy from CMG Global Solutions. But this is where the whole “story” begins to fall apart. We already told you before that the articles gave the impression that they were more on the side of science fiction than reality. If we take a look at the texts previously published by the same author, we could see that they were not related in any way and that everything was quite banal. That change and that radical approach suggested that perhaps he had let himself be carried away a little by his imagination or by something he had heard within the company (typical elevator or bathroom conversation).

Hacker checking that his attacks work

The texts, in the end, disappeared. And CMG Global Solutions did not take long to contact the press to apologize for the confusion and make a clarification. In their official message they have stated that they do not listen to any conversations nor do they have access to special technology beyond tools with encrypted data that are used in advertising actions.

Therefore, and not only because of the apology and clarification, you can see that all this has been a little madness, a fantasy of someone who wanted to write something that attracts attention or that he was looking for ideas for a spy series. Although on paper being spied on with your cell phone, TV or smart speaker may seem possible, you have to understand that it is not something that is viable. The companies manufacturing these devices are not going to allow it nor are they going to expose themselves to a controversy that puts their businesses in check.

Boy indicating an emoji with serious face and doubts

In another vein, If all this espionage stuff were true and there were marketing people who were listening to us, the logical thing would be that the ads they send us and that we find when using our technology are right. And, today, they don’t. No matter how hard they try, the algorithms still fail to hit the nail on the head on all occasions and the advertising also does not arrive at the key moments that the text published by the agency fantasized about. When writing fiction, I would write a story about a couple who meet because he talks a lot to his speaker and the spy who listens to him ends up falling in love with him. Netflix, make it happen!



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