Are there real advantages to charging your phone in airplane mode? We check it

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There are many myths related to batteries, but one of them is that charging your phone in airplane mode will cause it to degrade less. We have chosen a mobile phone and we have checked if there are advantages by charging it in airplane mode or in standard mode


When we talk about technology, there are many myths that circulate on the internet. Many of them are inherited from old technologies that have been surpassed by more modern ones without causing the same problems, but as they say: raise fame and go to sleep.

The battery is the protagonist of many myths, but one that goes viral from time to time is that it is better to charge your phone in airplane mode or off than in standard mode. The motives? Supposedly, this way the battery charges faster, suffers less damage and, therefore, degrades less. Let’s check if it is so.

Let’s see if it is better for the battery to charge the phone in airplane mode

Surely you’ve heard that when you buy a device with a battery, The first time you turn it on you must let it discharge completely so that the battery can calibrate (and other things). Well, that is something inherited due to the first nickel-cadmium batteries, but really, with the current ones (and by current I mean those from the last five years), it is not necessary.

Like that, there are many myths around batteries and, while it is true that there are bad habits When it comes to charging our device, others are comments without much basis.

An example is airplane mode. “Charging your phone in airplane mode extends the life of your battery”. It may make sense, since we can think that in airplane mode it heats up less, there are fewer power fluctuations because the phone is not doing anything and, therefore, charging will be less stressful and the battery will degrade less.

Now, on our devices, Does receiving a notification really hurt that much? If this were the case, it would not be the screen or certain applications in the foreground that really kill the battery of our mobile phone. This is something that can be seen perfectly on any Android (and on iPhones, it must be said) in the battery adjustment section.

At rest, a mobile phone consumes very, very little and current chargers can perfectly compensate for the minimal consumption of the network connection and any incoming notifications while the charging process is carried out. They are increasingly powerful chargers with batteries that have very sophisticated protection systems and software automation to protect themselves.

Now, something like this without data looks very nice, but we are going to do something that is not usually done: check it. To do this, I have taken my personal cell phone as a guinea pig. It’s about a Vivo X80 Pro Yes, it is not that it has a slow charge, far from it, but it is not one of the fastest on the market either.

I have used its 80 W charger which, in addition, we might think that, being so powerful, it will overheat the battery during the charging process due to the high power and fast charging. These are the data to check if charging your phone with airplane mode is faster and safer for the battery:

  Airplane mode standard mode
Mobile starting temperature 31 degrees 31 degrees
Battery starting temperature 30.5 degrees 30.9 degrees
Loading time 38 minutes 38 minutes
Final battery temperature 34.5 degrees 32.8 degrees

The results are interesting: same charging time, lower temperature at the end of charging when charging in standard mode (it is a minimal difference) and a peak temperature of 39.9 degrees in both modes around 50%which is the point at which the mobile automatically begins to charge a little slower until it reaches 100%.

To make matters worse, I started charging without airplane mode at 8:21 in the morning, at which point I have a lot of notifications from Slack, emails and Telegram and none of that affected the loading speed. I actually expected it to vary a few minutes up or down because not all loading scenarios are the same, but having both loads nail the times was a nice coincidence to prove my point.

For it to be an experiment that could be classified as scientific, we would have to do this test every day for what, a year? However, If the premise is that charging the phone without airplane mode heats up the battery more due to stress and this is what degrades itI have been able to verify that this is not the case.

There are measures that, as I say, are advisable to take with current deviceshow to activate the charge limiters if our mobile allows it (so that it does not exceed 80%), activate it to charge much more slowly in the final section of the battery, use the official chargers with their cables, since they are the ones that have appropriate safety protocols (both physically and for the battery) and do not let it reach 0%.

But charging your phone with or without airplane mode is not going to make any difference on your phone.. The only thing is that you have to worry about activating that mode every time you start charging the device… and the day you forget you will be thinking about it. Here everyone is free to do what they want, but I am clear that technology is to be enjoyed, not to be tied down.

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