Are my conversations with ChatGPT safe?: this is the data it stores

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are my conversations with chatgpt safe this is the data.jpg

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Have you ever wondered what ChatGPT does with your private data and conversations? When we start a conversation with ChatGPT we face a series of consequences that can be fatal if we misuse it, since the Artificial Intelligence application par excellence collects and stores all our data for a certain period of time. Although with good use of the application, you don’t have to be alarmed. However, if you usually carry out queries or tasks of some kind with ChatGPT and want to know if your conversations are saved, you will probably find this information useful.

Since its launch at the end of 2022, ChatGPT has become an essential tool for carrying out all types of tasks over the internet, such as writing a movie script, summarizing books or creating fictional images, and has managed to reach millions of users. of all the world. But when we start a conversation with ChatGPT, do you know what type of information does it store in your database or if you record our conversations? To answer these questions, you need to refer to the small print of the tool or the frequently asked questions section. For our part, you don’t need to do it, because we summarize all the details below.

Are my conversations with ChatGPT saved?

Open AI, the official developer of ChatGPT, indicates that new conversations, including images and other files uploaded to the application, are kept for a period of 30 days before they are permanently deleted. In this case, only all those messages that are not worrying and raise suspicions after fraudulent use of the tool would be deleted.

Conversely, if Open AI believes that illegal activities are being committed within its platform, The conversations will be worthy of study for security reasons, so they will not be deleted and will be stored in your database. Although the Artificial Intelligence company’s policy also stipulates that conversations may be preserved to improve its system and its development.

Be that as it may, you should not worry about the sharing of your conversations because, in its frequently asked questions section, Open AI clarifies that chats are not sold to advertising entities or companies, nor is any user profile created through the messages we exchange with ChatGPT. In any case, you can deactivate the “train the chat” option to prevent them from improving the tool with our conversations.

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And what happens with my personal data?

When you register on ChatGPT, you must enter your email address. But not only this information is recorded. Open AI too stores your IP address, device data and network information to which you connect. In the event that you have a monthly subscription to ChatGPT Plus, all card data will also be registered.

In reality, there is no reason for grievance or concern, since it is a data recording application like any other, in such a way that all your personal information will be stored safely.

How to delete conversation history

Even though you have the option to delete conversation historyChatGPT will continue to store the last ones that you have exchanged with the platform for 30 days, in such a way that they will remain active for 30 days, in the event that no alert situations are generated.

But if you still want to delete the history from your computer, you must go to the options section on the left and click on the conversation you want to delete. Next you must look for the trash icon on the right side and click on delete, and then the chat will disappear from your profile.

If you use a smartphone, the process is different. When you are logged in you have to select the chat history at the top left. Then, tap the chat you want to delete and you will see three dots next to the name that you have to tap to display the delete chat option.

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