Are DXOMARK scores bought? The CEO publishes a video

A few weeks ago, Lei Jun announced that they would not be submitting the Xiaomi 12S Ultra to DXOMARK for testing. For its part, DXOMARK officially announced that it has always adhered to respectable and professional standards.

The company also stated that it would buy the Xiaomi 12S Ultra to carry out the tests at its own expense and, indeed, a few days ago it published its results, which were disappointingly low — even lower than those of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

In the eyes of many industry manufacturers and consumers, DXOMARK has lost its credibility. For some time now, there has been criticism of DXOMARK evaluations and their lack of objectivity.

In this sense, the general director of DXOMARK, Frederic Guichar, personally recorded a video to answer questions from many users.

First of all, he said: “DXOMARK employs more than 100 engineers to repeatedly test smartphone cameras, audio, displays, and batteries in 16 labs. We follow no less than 5 scientific testing benchmarks. Each benchmark is combined with objective tests and perception test analysis.

Regarding everyone’s doubts about the DXOMARK score, he replied that DXOMARK’s business model is to sell labs and technical reports, but neither points nor rankings are sold. The scores are just the tip of the iceberg, a summary of hundreds of hours of quality evaluation and analysis.

The published score depends on the quality of the product itself, not that the manufacturer chooses the image from the DXOMARK evaluation service, and it is not a simple hardware score. Whether it is photography or audio, it is closely related to the adjustment of the software.

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Guichar also touched on the issue of manufacturers submitting devices for testing. He said that in the case of models that manufacturers don’t send out for testing, they buy commercial models for testing.

The company claims that it tests all relevant products. If the manufacturer sends the product out for testing before release, it will test it. However, you will also purchase a commercial model and test the device again. This is just to rule out all chances of the older version being a “special version”.