Arcane, the Netflix series based on the League of Legends universe presents its first trailer

riot games league of legends arcane netflix 1000x600.jpg
riot games league of legends arcane netflix 1000x600.jpg

In addition to the rest of the previews seen on TUDUM, the first major event for Netflix fans, the streaming platform and Riot Games have presented the first Arcane trailer this week, his animated series based on the League of Legends universe, also revealing its release date, list of chapters, and even some of the characters and dubbing actors that we can find.

Based on the successful universe created by Riot Games, Arcane you will delve into the delicate balance between the rich city of Piltover and the seedy district of Zaun. Known in Runeterra as the city of progress, many brilliant minds call this city home. However, the creation of hextech, the way in which anyone can control magical energy, puts this balance at risk.

The series will explore the extremes to which the characters will go when family and tradition confront their principles and beliefs. Their personal problems influence the world in which they live in ways they never imagined and shape the future of the sister cities.

Thus, Arcane will have nine chapters divided into three acts of three chapters each, with a first arc that will premiere on November 7, followed by the premieres of the following full arcs on November 13 and November 20.

Having already confirmed that the first three episodes will focus on the beginnings of the Vi and Jinx sisters, it is expected that we will also see other of the game’s champions, as well as other completely new characters, such as Vander and Silco, citizens of Zaun, who They will play a very important role in shaping this changing world featured in this series … and only time will tell if perhaps the game as well.

However, although the series tells the past of the League of Legends champions, has created with the idea of ​​being an independent content, so we can continue to enjoy its complex world, story and animation even if we have not tried the original game.

Finally, earlier this week Riot Games announced worldwide voice actors for Arcane, highlighting the original voices in English and Spanish of Hailee Steinfeld and Adelaida López as Vi, Ella Purnell and Isatxa Mengíbar as Kinx, Katie Leung and Neri Hualde as Caitlyn, Kevin Alejandro and Michel Tejerina as Jayce, Harry Lloyd and Rafael Romero as Viktor, Jason Spisak and Iván Muelas as Silco, Toks Olagundoye and Yolanda Mateos as Mel, and JB Blanc and Juan Arroyo as Vander.