Apps with music for your study sessions

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1634448824 lofi radio.jpg

If your study sessions get too boring, you can turn to music to find some motivation. You know, background music to help you focus.

And while you can use your favorite playlists on Spotify, there are other interesting proposals to consider.

Music to focus, study or work

There are many applications that allow us to schedule music sessions to help us focus on our studies or work.

One of the options that we find on Google Play is Lo-fi Clouds Radio. This app promises to enjoy music without interruptions or ads. So you can listen to music for hours without any distraction.

But if you want music for your study session, you can use the timer to schedule a period of music to accompany you while you study. And of course, it is also ideal if you want to listen to music to sleep or do some routine activity. The app allows you to skip songs or go back, although it does not offer the option to save them.

Another proposal that you can consider is Lofi Radio. This application follows a similar dynamic to the previous option. Allows you to configure a timer to listen to music without interruption for a period of time.

So you can set, for example, music to play for 40 minutes by marking your study session before moving on to a short break. Unlike Spotify, this app works like a radio, so you won’t be able to skip the songs you don’t like. But it does give you the ability to bookmark songs that you like.

This application does have advertising, but they are part of the incentive to earn points and have some advantages in the app. Lofi Radio is available for iOS devices.

The two apps have a simple interface that is consistent with their objective of helping you focus on your studies or work.