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Applications to keep track of the gift list and control the Christmas budget

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Parties are coming up where people spend much more money than usual, and many times there is no control over the issue, so digital help is always appreciated.

Having a limited budget and defining what is needed or desired is essential so as not to start the year with a headache, which is why it is advisable to make intelligent use of what technology can offer us.

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An easy way to do this is to use a notes app on your mobile phone or an online tool like Google Keep or Evernote. These apps allow you to create notes and lists, assign categories and tags, and share the information with others.

You can also use a personal finance management app, such as mint or fintonicfor example, to keep track of Christmas expenses and stay within the budget.

Another approach could be to use an online spreadsheet like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to create a gift list and budget, and share it with other family members to coordinate spending.

If what you want is to use assistants for the subject, you can create shopping lists using your voice, so that both Siri, Google, and Alexa can build the list in real time.

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The tool is important, since it helps us to consult the information at all times and verify if we are over or under budget, but the most important thing is to define some personal rules so as not to have problems:

1 – Set a total spending limit: Determine how much money we have available to spend at Christmas and set a total spending limit. In this budget, all expenses must be included, such as gifts, food, decoration, events and trips, and it must be done considering the expected expenses of the coming year, such as personal income tax, for example.

2 – Make a gift list: Write down all the people you want to buy a gift for and how much money you plan to spend on each one. It’s important to set a spending limit per person to help stay on budget.

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3 – Assign an amount to each category of expenses: Allocate the total spending limit among the different categories of expenses, such as gifts, food and decoration. Always leave a small amount for contingencies.

4 – Compare prices and look for offers: Before buying anything, compare prices in different stores and look for offers and coupons to save money.

5 – Stay within the budget: Once we have the budget established, try to stay within the spending limits. Keep track of purchases and regularly review your budget to make sure you’re not going overboard. If you stray from budget in one category, try to cut back in another to make up for it.

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