Apple’s suppliers are struggling to meet the required environmental targets


Apple’s stated goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 – the balance between greenhouse gas emissions generated and reabsorbed emissions – is putting pressure on its supply chain with its main suppliers, including the Taiwanese company TSMC. who are working hard to be able to meet the stringent demands of the Cupertino company.

As reported by the newspaper DigiTimes, some sources said that TSMC, one of the leading processor manufacturers in the world, would be urged by Apple to take more decisive action to achieve its environmental goals.

TSMC, which as known manufactures for Apple all the processors used on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, would be very concerned about the high costs involved in achieving carbon emissions balance as well as the difficulties encountered in purchasing enough “green” energy.

Despite this, TSMC would see in this transition towards carbon neutrality a key factor to remain competitive in the future as well as the advantage of improving efficiency. Just like Apple is pushing its suppliers to save energy and cut carbon emissions, too TSMC is putting similar pressure on its supply chain.

TSMC previously announced a 20% energy saving target for its supply chain by 2030 and has now begun to warn its suppliers that they could lose orders if their processes are not considered green enough in the future.