Apple smart glasses could be the manufacturer’s next release. When it will be?

One of the most anticipated products are the apple smart glasses We are talking about a gadget that wants to revolutionize the market and a look at the future. In principle they were going to be presented in 2022, but due to the coronavirus their launch was delayed.

But, now that there are no more products to present this year, everything points to the fact that in 2023 Apple Glass will finally be a reality. And be careful, they could be the first product presented by the manufacturer of the bitten apple.

When will Apple smart glasses arrive?

Yet we do not know if they will be called Apple Glass or Apple Reality Probut it is clear that the next smart glasses from the Cupertino-based manufacturer will arrive in 2023. And as MacRumors reminds us, everything points to the fact that there will be an event in January 2023 where we will finally see your new product.

We are talking about a source of the stature of Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst specialized in Apple products and whose error rate in his forecasts is minimal, so we can give enough truth to the information he has published.

So, although the Cupertino-based company was initially expected to present its augmented and virtual reality glasses within the framework of one of the company’s main events, such as WWDC, it seems that will finally have a unique presentation and in which they only show their expected smart glasses.

And the truth is that it makes all the sense in the world since Apple’s next augmented and virtual reality glasses will mark a before and after in the sector, so it was to be expected that the manufacturer of the bitten apple wants its new flagship product to have its own presentation event to prevent it from being overshadowed by other novelties launched by the American company.

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As for the possible price and release date of the first smart glasses of the company founded by Steve Jobs at the moment is a complete mystery although everything indicates that they will have a price that will be around $3,000, and would hit the market in mid-2023.

A figure that will leave Apple’s smart glasses as a niche product and within the reach of few pockets, but it is an open secret that next year they will launch new cheaper models. So, now it’s just a matter of having a little patience.