Apple’s new iPad is only compatible with the old Apple Pencil. Why?

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After a torrent of rumours, the Cupertino-based company presented its new family of iPad tablets, with some very interesting news and a particular topic that was not liked at all.

As we were saying, Apple has presented its new iPad, which comes with something that has not been very well received, and that is that it is a device with USB Type C, but with the first generation Apple Pencil and its Lightning port. , and it only supports this model. The problem comes with the fact that this device needs a Lightning port for charging.

A solution that is causing a lot of commotion

And as expected from Apple, your solution is to resort to a “USB-C to Apple Pencil Adapter”. The bitten apple company explained in a press release that this adapter will arrive in the box with the new Apple Pencil, which is priced at $99. In case you already have yours, can be purchased separately for a price of 9 dollars. In the press release they stated the following: “A new USB-C to Apple Pencil adapter is required for pairing and charging.”

But even if you get this adapter, When you go to charge your Apple Pencil with the new iPad, there is some complication, since it is not just about plugging the pencil into the adapter and then into the tablet. And it is that it is a female to female adapter instead of female to male. Apple’s product listing explains the following: “Your Apple Pencil plugs into one end of the adapter, and your iPad’s USB-C charging cable plugs into the other.” The truth is that this is no different than usual in terms of Lightning adapters that Apple sold for the Apple Pencil. The problem is that now you don’t have the possibility to connect the Pencil to an iPad if you need it, your only option is to use an adapter and a cable.

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In the case of other apple tablets that also moved to USB Type C, like the iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air, they haven’t had this problem, mostly because they have compatibility with the second generation Pencil and it charges on the side of the Tablet. But for the cheapest iPad in Apple’s range, this is not possible.