Apple’s mixed reality glasses are delayed, when will they finally arrive?

There is no doubt that one of Apple’s most anticipated products this year are its first mixed reality glasses. It seemed that his official announcement was close, they were expected for the month of April 2023, but in the end this will not be the case because his coming-out is a little late. We tell you what seems to be happening.

It is true that the difficulties that the Cupertino company is having with this product do not seem to end, and now in the tests with the final models that are being carried out, they have found small hardware and software problems. And, this, has made Apple make the decision to delay the official launch of the Reality Pro. Therefore, you have to have, again, a little more patience… But, as indicated in the source of the information, Not many.

How much is the delay of Apple glasses?

Luckily, just a few months. Consequently, we are not talking about going to 2024, something that could be a hard blow for the company that has made a strong investment in this product that, obviously, it wants to pay off as soon as possible. The fact is that it has been indicated that the plans of the firm led by Tim Cook are present the mixed reality glasses we talked about at WWDC 2023. Therefore, we are talking about the month of June… nothing particularly disturbing.


From the looks of it, the problems detected can be fixed quickly with minor adjustments, which do not imply changes in the production chain. In other words, we are talking about problems that can be considered minor. But since these glasses are the first completely new device that Apple has launched in many years (since 2015, no less), it is logical that you want everything to go perfectly and that there are no failures either in the presentation or in the subsequent use that give buyers to Reality Pro.

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How will these glasses work?

Taking into account that the device will include options such as eye tracking and quite powerful hardware -with very wide connectivity, everything suggests that the hands will be the main element that can be used to perform actions-. Therefore, the controls that are common in models that work exclusively with Virtual Reality will be dispensed with. remains to be seen what are the functionalities offered by the Apple Reality Pro, but it seems that there is little left to know them completely.