Apple’s latest MacBook Pro with CD player ends up on the vintage product list


It’s time for retirements for Apple. After the iPhone 6 Plus, sent to the attic at the end of December, the next to end up in the list of products now considered “vintage” by Apple is the MacBook Pro from 2012, the latest equipped with a CD / DVD player. According to what leaked from an official note intercepted by MacRumors, the device should receive the official investiture starting from January 31st.

Specifically, this is the model Mid 2012 of the 13-inch MacBook Pro released in June ten years ago and remained on sale until October 2016 as a low-cost alternative to the 13-inch MacBook Pro range (headed by the model with Retina display). As for the software, Apple had decided to discontinue the support of MacOS Big Sur in 2020.

In particular, the last nostalgics of the integrated CD / DVD player remained clinging to this generation, in short, the users moved at the time by an initial skepticism towards the digital age in its entirety. The transition to models without integrated support, motivated by the need to make devices thinner and lighter (but also less expensive from an energy point of view), had raised not a few controversies, forcing users to purchase an external reader in order to continue using physical media.


But what are the requirements that an Apple device must meet to be included in the list of vintage products?

Cupertino considers a “vintage” device that has not been on the market for more than five years and less than seven. After seven years of absence from the list, it is instead declared obsolete. The difference between the two denominations, net of the time data, lies in the hardware repair opportunities: vintage products are still accepted by Apple and authorized centers, while obsolete ones can no longer be repaired by the latter, but only by third party service centers. Different speech for some devices in selected countries, for which Apple offers an extended repair service for legal obligations.