Apple’s augmented reality glasses will surprise you with their battery, why?

Brian Adam

The details regarding the augmented reality (AR) glasses that prepares Manzana They are getting to know one after the other while waiting for the Cupertino firm to decide to make them official. Now a most interesting detail has been known that has to do with the autonomy offered by the accessory. And, the truth is that it is good news.

There are not a few who believe that it will be in the next WWDC developer event that Apple has scheduled for this year (in the month of June) when they are seen for the first time in what has to do with design. Of course, it will not be a complete announcement, since everything suggests that the company still It lacks a bit to have the development perfectly finished of this product. But, in this way, it would make the fans of the firm very happy… who are not few, it must be said.


The new Apple glasses news

In the latest newsletter from Mark Gurman it is detailed that there may be an interesting surprise in the battery pack and charger that will be part of the accessory we are talking about. Surprisingly, it is indicated that the set will be as big as a current iPhone, but a little thicker. It is further said that will look quite similar to the MagSafe Battery Pack that exists for Apple phones and was first announced in 2021.


Other things that are quite clear is that the charging port will be usb type c, which would make this Apple product one more that meets the requirements of the European Union in this market (which would mean that the rumors of an exclusive launch in the US seem to come to nothing). Apart, the cable in question with a round termination patented by the company (possibly with magnetic technology).

The interesting thing is that the connector is that it will be rotary, so that users can place them on the glasses using a system similar to the traditional thread. Thus, it would ensure that there would be no problems when using the glasses connected to the current.

Applications, there will be many from the beginning

According to the source of the information, the headset is expected to run all existing iPad apps that use mixed reality, as well as up to hundreds of third-party apps -without, for this, the developers having to redo their work-. And, all this, for a product that is believed to initially cost around three thousand dollars, so it will not be within the reach of all pockets.